Thursday, July 5, 2012

blog birthday = america's birthday

Hey all - So guess what yesterday was? OK...besides Independence Day...that's seems way too obvious. I mean the celebration I'm referring to flew slightly under the radar. This holiday  hasn't been the subject of parades and instagram photos and 90's movies where Jeff Goldblum saves the world...YET! Its my blog-a-versary, my blogday, my birthblog [Tangent: That last one doesn't quite work because it makes it sound I am great with child...which I am not...but I do quite enjoy the phrase "great with child." It's so old school and not quite as grating as "preggers".] Anyway, so yay! My blog is 2!

Aside from listening to a youtube serenade from the fine employees at ye olde Shoney's, how does one celebrate such a milestone?  It seemed my fellow blog friends must have known because my friend Lindsay, who lives a life in Paris and whose life is overall more interesting and glamorous than mine [Tangent: I know that's hard to believe...I mean I blog a lot of about such global and cosmopolitan subjects as 80s cartoons, boy bands and people who poop in the handicapped stall],  wrote a blog inspired by my love of gingers and overall weirdness. That's the perfect present! Equally awesome I learned the French word for ginger, carottes, which is the gift that keeps on giving... [Tangent: In addition to meaning "redhead," it also means "carrot," making me wonder if this perfume is made of crushed up carrots or crushed up gingers? Either ones seems questionable.]

Wanna read this blog in the context of a coherent story...of course you do. 


Until next year's blogversary/America fest, I leave you with a picture of me with a sparkler. Hope you all had a happy holiday.

PS. I have lots of good ideas and some guest bloggers lined up to keep things spicy. So anyhow,  thanks for sticking with me, telling me what you like, telling me when I am getting boring, passing me along to your friends, reading me while on the clock at work, leaving me comments, [Tangent: which is my favorite thing in the world...hint hint.] , following me on facebook/twitter/blogger, interjecting "this would make a good blog",  embracing my weird mind etc etc etc. You all kick ass.


  1. Happy Blirthaversery!!! :)

  2. Happy birthday blog! Thanks for the shout out' I'm on the look out for the perfume.

  3. happy blog birthday!!

    i loved what you said in my comments about blog crushes - too funny!

    but you're a "no reply blogger" (your email address must not be public in your blogger profile) so i can't reply by email to your comments when they are emailed to me. :(

    1. Im right on top of that, rose

    2. I don't understand. :) And your most recent ones came as no-reply too. :(

    3. hah.oopsie. yeah that's from "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead." Its dumb...I say it a lot. No one gets it. Also I just tweaked it so I should be a reply email away now. Maybe not. Let me know if its still not working...because I would like to get that fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Happy Two Years! Keep this thing going, would ya? You are always so engaging and never fail to make me laugh. That's some good stuff.


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