Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i love technology*

*After typing that very generic, yet apropos, title, I can only think of this song Kip sings at the end of Napoleon Dynamite. [Tangent: Is it just me or did anyone else wear themselves out on that movie? I remember I saw it maybe 3x a week in college to the point where me and my friend Beth had our favorite unnamed ancillary characters that we would focus on throughout the movie. It also spawned something that I say all the time with the ND inflection. (see gif below), however I have no desire to watch it again. I prefer it frozen in time.]
The fact that this exists makes me very happy.
Anyway- back to my thesis statement- everyday I am reminded how much technology kicks ass. This morning while I was downloading to my iPhone various podcasts to listen to at work to keep me awake [Tangent: As always I am late to the party on podcasts, but I have recently fallen down the wormhole and have a list of about 20 people have suggested for me to check out.], I realized that the technological advances that have happened in my lifetime are both baffling and humbling... 
Things like this contraption that Jane Jetson is using is basically skype...which is perhaps my favorite  [Tangent: Prepare the deep cut pop culture reference, but remember that episode of Designing Women where Mary Jo is contemplating getting breast implants? Well, spoiler alert, she decides against it and decides she needs to accept herself as is, yadda yadda yadda. She uses the money she was going to put towards her new boobies to buy all of the ladies at Sugarbaker's new video phones. This means that in the late 80s video phones were priced at the equivalent of  cosmetic surgery procedure. Today, Skype is free. I love America.] I love it because I have only gotten to see my precious niece once since she was born, because she is a California Girl and all, but through skype and videos I can watch her grow. That is a beautiful thing that I am very thankful for.

I posted this one because I'd like you to see the ridiculous faces mom and I make when we skype with Ellie

As you can see, I get a little screenshot happy during our skype sessions, but I think its obvious that she is finally trying to realize there are people on the other side of those cooing faces on the screen. In my delusion, I think she recognizes us and knows we are her family. [Tangent: Unfortunately, one thing I did not get to capture via skype screenshot was my sweet niece listening to music on my brother's iPhone. At the time I was too mesmerized and now regret it. Apparently Miss Ellie Bug is really big on gangsta rap and 90s music, but recently she is diversifying because when my brother played November Blue by my favetts the Avett Brothers,  Ellie's chubby little face couldn't look away. He said she likes the face that pops up....and its true, she remained focused on the bearded face of Seth Avett. That's my girl.]


  1. you know, i thought i was sick of napolean dynamite and then we randomly decided to watch it and it was delighted all over again! so freaking hilarious.

  2. maybe I will have to check it out again at some point


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