Friday, July 27, 2012

Katy Perry in 2D

Earlier this week,  I had the pleasure of hanging out with my favorite Saudi Arabian export, Amber. [Tangent: She and her husband are were teachers there for the last 2 years. The next country they will take by Desert Storm (get it...get it) is Kuwait! Learn about their education in culture shock here.] Because she has been living a bit of a constricted life overseas, we decided to celebrate America with Cracker Barrel and Seeing Katy Perry: Part of Me in 2D.

Because the movie has been out for several weeks, [Tangent: ...And there is this little movie called Batman out is now...maybe you've heard of it] it has been relegated to the tiny, last resort, non bells and whistles theater...meaning it was decidedly not 3-D. Luckily, I was going for the complex storytelling and not the visuals, so I didn't seem to mind that her rotating peppermint candy breasts were not coming directly at my face.

[Tangent/Brief embarassing confession: If only I had seen Jo Bros concert movie, this would complete the shameful quartet of adolescent-aimed 3D concert movies that I have watched in 2D. Among them being the Glee 3D Experience and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. The latter brought me to tears and is still catching me hell after I watched it on Netflix and immortalized it in this blog post. The Glee one, which I stumbled across on HBO, was slightly terrible, which I guess should be expected. In the backstage footage, all the cast conducted interviews and remained in character, which struck me as really creepy. I wanted to be like, "You know you aren''t Artie, right? You can walk." but if I did, I would be talking to the screen...thus equally delusional. However it was saved by a thirty second clip of a little Asian gleek in a Dalton Academy Warblers jacket.] 
now that you have seen this highlight...I saved you 90 minutes of staring at the TV incredulously
 It was obvious, however, that many visuals from KP3D2D like extended confetti, whipped cream cannons and the names of all the tour cities expanding out from the center of the screen would have been pretty neat if I were wearing those migraine inducing 3-D glasses. Oh, well.

Amber and I both enjoyed the film and were not ashamed that we are educated adults and still love us some Katy Perry. She really does seem actually really sweet and down to earth, despite her ridiculousness.  EX: Sporting a candy dot bodysuit, at one point, KP was dancing onstage with a dude in a fuzzy purple cat costume, a gaggle of Ken doll looking backup dancers and a bunch of concert goers (also in assorted costumes because apparently that's how you get on stage) to Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody...and I decided I secretly wanted to be Katy Perry.

Also likeable was the fact that she said was more or less a martian, due to her Pentecostal upbringing until she heard Alanis Morrissette. Yep...I guess that would make you want to drop your Bible and start singing, "LET ME SEE YOUR PEACOCK!" Her parents and sweet sweet Nana, though not a fan of her songs about dabbling in the lesbian pool, supported her wholeheartedly...and maybe her avant garde style has rubbed off on her sheltering father....
anytime he came onscreen i giggled
I'll try not to spoil any intricate plotlines or thought provoking dialogue, but in the end there is a Russell Brand breakup and an encore of "Firework," which is how most things should end, in an ideal candy coated world.  [Tangent: Even though I haven't quite pinpointed what it is to "feel like a plastic bag" I like any excuse to show vocal percussion. I'm a case you hadn't noticed.]


  1. oh man i have got to see it in the theater. i really really really REALLY hope it goes to the 2 dollar one.

  2. Can't even lie...I want to see this, so bad!!!


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