Monday, July 2, 2012

loving gingers....not a new thing.

After my ginger and I first got over the uncomfortable obvious flirtation that begins most solid relationships, one of the first things I said to him was, "I've always had a soft spot for gingers." [Tangent: I then followed with, "you're not Jewish, are you?" He wasn't, but I was OK with it. We all know that would be the chupacabra...a bearded ginger jew...that's an endangered species that needs preservation. Weird, because I'm not even Jewish.] Why all the loves for those that walk among us with less melanin? I have no idea...but it's always been that way...ALWAYS. I have always been keen on the redheads.

It probably started when I was little back when I thought boys were icky, but still I was struck by gingerry pop culture icons.  I was drawn to them more than the others.  [Tangent: On some level, I think I am drawn out of jealousy. Since about age 5, I've always wanted a whole mess of Punky Brewster freckles all over my face. I have some but not as many as I would like. Damn my lack of adorable skin imperfections.]

this look worked for bam bam

pippi freakin I love your funny name...and lovely locks
growing up, I had A LOT of barbie dolls, but this exact one was always my favorite

Ariel made every girl my age have a new respect for redheads

I slept on strawberry shortcake sheets until I was subliminally telling myself that one day I'd have the urge to lay my head on a ginger.
As I got older and slightly boy crazy, I remember one of my first "celebrity crushes" was on Chase Hampton from The New Mickey Mouse Club and their spinoff coed singing group The Party. [Tangent: My fella told me he still had a cassette single from The Party laying around somewhere at his house. At that point, I knew fate had sent him to me.] Sure, Chase was the whitest R&B singer on MMC and he had hair that defied gravity, but I thought he was a dreamboat.

yeah...i know...he has bobby brown stripes in his taste has clearly evolved...
Just watch the below youtube video if you want complete license to judge/make fun of me till the apocolypse takes us away.

Then I became an adult [Tangent: Well...sort adult who still giggles when the word "weiner" is uttered.] and still I would get little hearts around my head around certain gingers:
I have always had a crushy crushy on this man.
a prince and a ginger. win/win.

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  1. So I don't share the Chase Hampton obsession, but prince harry and Conan are dreamy :)


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