Sunday, July 8, 2012

my attempt at writing a vintage blog.

Hey guys, so lately I have started following a lot of really cool vintage/style/DIY blogs that I found through my friend Rae, who is a rebuyer extraordinaire. [Tangent: Plus I thought it was good to show I have diverse interests other than reality TV and exploring the world of limited edition pringles.] Although I enjoy getting lost in flea markets and thrift stores, I have never considered myself an expert on the matter, but after seeing really cool items found on sites like Say It Ain't So, Owl Really and Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch, my interest has been somewhat rejuvinated, and I wanted to show and tell with some really cool things I have found in the last few weeks. This is my weak attempt to broach the topic of vintage and rebuying. 

Let me preface by saying, I am not as die hard as most people who are pickers and rebuyers, but when I get my own place- I can't promise you that might not change a bit [Tangent: Lots of thing I just don't have the space for and I don't need the good people from Hoarders: Buried Alive banging down my door.] It's just something that fascinates me, and after watching many a marathon of American Pickers, I fancy myself an enthusiast. Luckily, I have someone to adventure with me because my fella likes antiques as much as I do. [Tangent: Let me rephrase that statement to remove the homosexual stigma. He likes old junk. Wait, I don't think that made it any better.. now he seems like a gay man who is into specifically the elderly. UNTRUE....not that there's anything wrong with that niche community.] 

My latest addiction is vintage tea cups and mugs. My friend Angi has an Etsy store called Love Junkie, where she buys old cups and mugs and repurposes them as delicious smelling soy candles [You can re-use the cup when done burning.]
This is one of the ones I bought and then bought from her. I am so in love with these mugs!!!
If possible, I am more excited about her endeavor than she is because it gives me an excuse to hunt for really cute cups for her while out and about, or sometimes when I get a bout of insomnia, I spend way too much time in the ebay vortex. While scouring late one night, I happened upon this little guy, a Toby Mug, and knew that maybe it wasn't Angi's style, but it was definitely my boyfriends. [Tangent: He pretty much likes anything weird.]

It was about $5 including shipping on Ebay, and it looks like if the lovechild or Bea Arthur and the Quaker Oats guy had a stroke. It was something I had to gift to Jamie.
Like 99% of people with estrogen flowing in their veins, Pinterest has taught me all the really cool reuses for vintage suitcases, so when I saw this one in my friend Alex's garage, I knew I must own it. Everything at her sale was priced to move and so she asked $5, I paid 7 because I knew the money was going to fund her trip to Costa Rica [Tangent: Read about it here.] I'm possibly the only human that will tell a seller that they are underselling their item.

It had some wear and tear, but it is perfect for holding art supplies and such that are piled in my corner. Besides it had leather edges and the hinges were in working condition. I hope to one day make it into a side table. I will say I felt better about this aquisition after seeing this price tag on etsy.

These shoes that I bought at Goodwill have gotten mixed reviews. I am absolutely in love with them and can't wait to find an occasion that calls for spectator kitten heels. They were $6, but I got them at the "ritzy Goodwill" on HWY 96 on a non-markdown day.
My sister thinks they are super grandma because of the odd heel, but frankly a silver lining to being in a wheelchair is that you rarely see the back of my shoe.
My last item is possibly one of my favorites. They weren't really purchased, but rather acquired last month, free of a completely legit/trash to treasure/finder's keepers kind of way, so I thought I should include them. My friend Cathy, who is I know from forever ago through the A.R.E program, is an avid SCUBA diver and does a lot of search and rescue stuff for Percy Priest Lake when a boat sinks or after storms, etc. Anyway- because of this she has acquired garbage bags full of sunglasses that people lose off their watercrafts. After picking through her collection, I got these (among others):
They are deemed my "lake bottom" glasses
Again, they have gotten mixed reviews. When I first got these blue and black and rhinestoned treasures, my friend Josh was like, "Wow, you're really still wearing those." Yep, sure was...and I will continue to until I lose them in a body of water and start the cycle all over again.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! And I love to hear that you're falling down the rabbit hole of vintage love. I think that your finds are fabulous including the glasses and the shoes. Totally great. And the idea of garbage bags full of loot found in lakes is SO awesome.

    1. I have been a collector for a while, but kinda fell into the swing of it lately.

  2. hahaha, i love those lake bottom glasses! she should sell them at the flea market with that tagline. amazing.
    i love vintage suitcases and 7 bucks is not bad at all. i have a stack of three in the top of my closet to hold all my costumes. since i am 5 years old.

    1. She sells the brand name ones on ebay if they are in good condition. Also, I also have a costume trunk, but it's under my bed. You are not alone.

  3. Love it! Once I am home from Costa Rica and employed - one of those tea cup soy candles will be mine. You know I love old things. :)

    Thanks for the shout out Jonesie.

  4. Also - just added Say It Ain't So, Owl Really and Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch to my blogs I follow. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  5. Bea Arthur and Mr. Quaker Oats love child is terrifying! lol Thanks for the shout out, the page got all kinds of views! I'm in the process of uploading listings for my latest batch. I miss your face, let's hang out soon.


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