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* Dislclaimer: I had been planning to write about Batman this week for quite some time... then all that craziness happened in Aurora and I had to have that conundrum of "too soon?" or is it callous not to address what has been covered 24/7 on every news station and internet source. So, I am addressing it (in this disclaimer), but I kinda refuse to throw too much attention at it, not out of disrespect for the victims, but more because I feel like the man behind this is kind of a megalomaniac. I refuse to mention his name or garner him any more attention. That is all.

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I'm not a comic book nerd or expert by any means [Tangent: I didn't see Dark Knight until last summer, I know where the hell have I been? Apparently not on the ball.], but for some reason I have always followed the Batman. Bruce Wayne's story seems simple enough...he wasn't bitten to get powers, he's just kind of a rich badass with a dark past, which seems easy enough to follow if you are a novice. [Tangent: I have also since learned that Batgirl had a short stint as a wheelchair girl which endeared me even more to the franchise. Although, like any good fictitious character, she was miraculously cured not long cest la vie. Apparently they didn't get the memo from the X-Men that you can remainn sedentary and be a vigilante at once. ]
Even though I really know very little about the comics and such, I ignorantly have gotten into the discussion several times on what is the best Batman movie...because I always say Tim Burton's sequel Batman Returns. [Tangent: I should preface my ramblings by saying this reboot came out when I was 9, which is the age where it is entirely possible to fixate on something and watch it an indefinite number of times, so it is the only Batman movie that I have seen more than twice.]  I know...I know....Christopher Nolan's vision of Gotham is amazing...wah...wah...wah. BATMAN RETURNS HAS DEVITO! That should be the end of the argument, right?
He's a politician who eats fish heads and thinks he is a penguin. SOLD!
The other aspect that is indelible was the scene where Michele Pfeiffer is making her Catwoman suit. Its completely implausible, but is clearly targeted at the young female demographic. If you haven't seen it 1000 times, you probably won't remember, but she takes an old raincoat, and by using her amateur sewing skills, stitches together a custom form fitting catsuit, complete with seam ripper claws.  Unbelievable-yes. But in an ideal world, every girl could take a tacky coat out of their closet and repurpose it into a sexy superhero look.

If Ann Hathaway doesn't have a similar scene in The Dark Knight Rises, I may stage a's probably the best part of the film, at least it was to a 9 year old girl.

OK....In keeping with the spirit of Pre-Nolan Batman, I leave you with the very thing the internet is all about....multiple videos found when googling "Drunk guy singing Kiss From a Rose." You're welcome.


  1. batman returns in my favorite too. i thought batman begins was BORING and i don't want to see the dark knight again, and i don't really want to see the new one.
    also, kiss from a rose plays at least once a week at work, prompting a full day of singing it to every person i see. i LOVE that song. My power, my pleasure my PAIn......BABY! so so so freaking good.

  2. a drunk guy and his cat--a precious moment. I would have liked for Seal to appear in the second video and smack that off-key guy. And the third video, sigh, he had me at " brain."

  3. Yes, of course, The first time I listened to that music, I loved it! Want to become a charming Batman? Please contact me on the address-Skycostume.Thank you for coming!


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