Friday, July 13, 2012

so adorably clueless

The other day, for some reason or another, my sister was asking me what hipsters were wearing [Tangent: Not that I am one...I can't be. I don't own a record player and I love fast food, but I am familiar with their culture.] and I informed her that it seemed most hipsters dress like we dressed in middle school...lots of lace..flannel...hell, even bodysuits were making a comeback. I find this whole fashion flashback concerning since I knew nothing of style back in 1996...or did I?

This afternoon I was halfway trying to nap, halfway trying to watch the Real Housewives of OC Reunion whilst catching up on twitter [Tangent: Such a glamorous Friday night.], when I came across the following breaking newsworthy post in a fashion blog stating the new fashion it girl was in fact from 1995:

Click here to read it!
To be honest I was about 15 years ahead of my time, because the movie Clueless and how Cher dressed was very influential into my formative years. [Tangent: When I was in middle school, I remember having an entire diary entry in my Lisa Frank Bubble Gum machine diary where I laid out a detailed list of things I wanted to accomplish before high school. This is where I covered such lofty goals as getting a new mini backpack and a fresh crop of plaid mini kilts along with getting contacts and trying to get a boy to kiss me. I wish I was kidding.  My only regret is that presently there is no proof of this pathetic plan because when I was in high school, I hand tore up that diary for fear of someone spying on me and learning of my crushes and such. I was such a lame yet somehow self important jackass.] I might as well have worn a WWCHD? [What Would Cher Horowitz Do?] keychain hanging off aforementioned mini backpack because she was my Madonna, my Grace Kelly. Countless middle school days spent daydreaming of giving makeovers and attending parties where the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were playing....and that I would end up with Paul Rudd. [Tangent: Most of those daydreams still occur. And damn, Paul Rudd! That man has aged like fancy cheese!]

Most specifically, I recall attempting to recreate the following looks with my 7th grade know how and some trips to Goody's to buy stuff of the clearance rack. I am going to guess that they were not as flawless...but you be the judge.


I still have these pants. I bought them at delia's circa 1996. They are awesome.

Yeah...I know. I was exceedingly awkward. [Tangent: Not much has changed.]


  1. Kimmie, I love you. I saw Clueless in a theatre in Kentucky while wearing a skirt and combat boots so you already know I understand the awkward.

  2. I can relate with everything you just said. Especially the Paul Rudd aging so finely... that crush has existed pretty much my whole life. Sigh.

  3. mmm paul rudd. i LOVED cher too. crystal has this awesome clueless phone thing that you plug into your regular phone, and it has a headset and you can press buttons and the other person will here cool phrases like 'whatever" in cher's voice. amazing.

  4. Fine cheesee LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ so funny.

    I agree, that movie was/is amazing. I'm pretty sure I'm that annoying girl while watching it because I say every line. and I think your attempts at re-creating the outfits are commendable. Remember Delia*s? Wow, memory lane.


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