Wednesday, July 11, 2012

when did i get old and uncool?

I have no idea where this picture came from...but I need to know this lady and eat jello jigglers with her.
So a few weeks ago I came to the realization that I don't watch MTV not even Teen Mom. [Tangent: That last statement shames me most. In fact, I have not a clue what channel its even on. If you had told 26 year old Kimmie this, she would look at you appalled. To some pressing thirty, this thought wouldn't carry much weight, but I watched shows like Real World/Road Rules shirtless douchefest Challenge...way longer than most of my peers. I was Peter Panning for real.] Not that MTV has a lot to do with music anymore, but it just made me realize I am no longer tuned into the zeitgeist of popular music....and I love music. I apparently just don't know what kids are into nowadays...and that deeply saddens me.

On day last summer, my best friend randomly said, "Ugh...that terrible Selena Gomez song is on my head ya know 'I love you like a love song baby....'" I looked at her stupified and had no clue what she was referrring to. She told me it was a song that was terribly catchy and overplayed. Then probably around November, I was looking at jeans in a Gap store, and suddenly I heard it and excitedly proclaimed, "oh...this is the song annoying the nation."I was thrilled to suddenly be not elderly...even if it was months after the tune had disappeared into at best, I was middle aged. 

Or when my little girls at camp were dancing around the cabin knowing all the lyrics to "Call me Maybe" ...

...and I was admitted, "I've never heard this." At that exact moment, as I saw their looks of disbelief,  I realized what my mom feels like . After a second listen I got really excited and said, "Oh yeah! I think I did see this girl on Ellen once." Jesus! How unhip am I?

For months I have had to google when people posted Memes on Facebook that I didn't understand:

I got the Hunger Games reference but was ashamed I had no idea what song it was from.

Generally, I listen to independent radio or when I am feeling ritzy satellite radio, where my dial is permatuned to 90s on 9, so I really don't get to hear all the earworms and powerpop summer jams that plague the nation. [Tangent: This whole blog is starting to make me seem pretentious and "too cool for things" so let me go ahead and smash that notion. I haven't heard them unless of course they are covered on Glee or sung on American Idol or playing at a Sonic when I am ordering my happy hour beverage. I also have loads of Katy Perry and Gaga and Ke$ha on my itunes. See...I'm a lame ass again.] To remedy this and drink from the fountain of youth,  I tuned into Ke$ha radio a couple days last week to see what kind of powerpop the kids were listening to (and lookie who I found).

The experiment put me in a happy mood but the sugar rush was fleeting. You can't gorge on gummi bears all day, occasionally you need I will go back to my normal mix of americana, 90s angst/new jack swing and showtunes.

But maybe this ignorance of what is popular is not such a bad thing, like I dont have to choose a favorite member of One Direction, etc.

Kyle Kinane has a point...

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  1. I totally get this. There are many times I haven't known songs on Glee. And then I get really excited when they cover pop songs from the 1960s. Tell the children!


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