Friday, August 3, 2012

is full house everywhere you look?

Last night I decided to hang up my snuggie and peel myself away from the uncomfortable flexibility of the men's Olympic gymnastics and go out during the week. Along with my ginger and some of his friends we went to Zanie's to go see Maria Bamford do standup. God knows, I love a good standup comedy show....eating a basket of fried chicken and fried cheese [A valid menu choice]...laughing...drinking adult beverages....all good fun. 

For months, Jamie has been raving about Maria Bamford coming to Zanies, and because I knew of her vaguely- he wanted me to join. [Tangent: I had seen the Comedians of Comedy years ago and knew she was the girl in it, but frankly I was too mystified by Zach Galifinakis's beard at the time to break focus, so it could have been a hot dog with a wig and waxed lips for all I was concerned.] Because I like to go into things like this with no prior knowledge, and trust my boyfriends judgement of what is funny- I didn't look up any internet clips and decided just to be surprised with a totally fresh slate of jokes.

If you know nothing of Maria Bamford, her material will jar you at first. She does a lot of voices and facial contortions and comes off a little almost frightening initially. Her act is a little schitzo to the point that you are not sure if she is a comedic genius or needs sedation and padded walls- A total Andy Kaufman scenario. Luckily, I dig frightening and weird and chicks who are not afraid to be ridiculous,  so I would absolutely recommend her show.  If you think this is where the blog journey ends, you are incorrect, because it about to jump the tracks and head to Lame Town. 

After I took this picture with Jamie and his new pal, Maria Bamford, and we were walking back to my car- I said to him, "Hey, I think I finally figured out where I know her from and it's super embarassing... On Full House, I think she dated Joey for a couple episodes." [Tangent: Yep, I went there, further perpetuation that I can relate most events in my life to episodes of early 90's TV series.] I further admitted that I wanted to mention it to her after the show, but thought she would probably not like to hear that she is best remembered in my mind for a guest stint she did 15 years ago on a shitty family sitcom. 

As soon as I got into the non judgmental safety of my vehicle, I began furiously googling to see if indeed I had just met the girl that had played the Smash Club and opened for Joey Gladstone. After some research, I was still confused. The Full House credit was absent from her IMDB page, yet several other pages had cited her as "Uncle Joey's girlfriend." [Tangent: If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times. I hate when people refer to him as Uncle Joey. Jesse was their Uncle; Joey was just Danny's old fraternity brother, who mooched off of him and his family even while bouncing between gigs as a jingle writer, a child's TV host and a radio personalities. The characters never once even referred to him as Uncle Joey, so why do so many fans? Sorry that was the geekiest soapbox moment ever. My sincerest apologies.] It had to be her. The funny voice... the look... the age...the fact that she was a comedian. I couldn't be wrong.

But apparently I was wrong, Maria Bamford has a doppleganger/soundalike and her name is Felicia Michaels: 



Disappointment washed over me for no discernable reason. I had just seen an awesome comedy show, what did I care? Maybe I thought my impressive, though pathetic, knowledge of Full House had finally paid off and helped me crack some internet conspiracy that even IMDB didn't recognize. Alas, I was mistaken, but at least I hadn't said to Mrs. Bamford, "I really loved the way you stuck it to the Tanner family in that 2 episode arc." The universe needs no further proof that I am an ass.


  1. hahaha, I think I'm in second only to you in Full House knowledge. I kind of wish you had said something to her though, just for my enjoyment.

  2. UMMM I'm totally in trouble for calling him Uncle Joey. I never thought it about it, but you're totally right. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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