Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lookin for weird in all the wrong places...

If you are a fan of my blog on facebook, you know that one of my key motivators for keeping this site going is because I find the search terms wickedly entertaining. I am super sleepy today and although I want to write about the fantastic Lumineers concert I went to last night, my mind is not functioning enough to have coherent thought. For now you will have to settle for some terms used to find my blog in the last couple weeks. [Tangent: Some of these were used multiple times. Alarming. I know.]

  • Charmin toilet paper irritation
  • Dry heaving gif
  • What did the turtle mean to the jewish people? [I wish I knew. Jews, help me out!]
  • Care bear porn
  • U had me at bacon [I like to imagine that Prince did this search.]
  • Andre Agassi balding
  • best transvestite
  • Richard Simmons hair
  • Conan's freckles [SWOON!]
  • funny adult onesies
  • pencil drawings of Usher
  • spongebob cursing
  • Cher ass [This has been an oddly popular one!]
  • celestial angel mindfreak
  • teenage mustache 
  • Justin Bieber heart hands [Another oddly popular one] 
  • Spicy tranny
  • flesh ripping snake pencil art
  • Meth Mermaid [definitely see this being an awesome band name] 
I could really go on and on all the livelong day. However you find the blog, I am glad you did. [Tangent: Especially those 900 hits I got from a poster last week and from the term "throw stuff in her butt" alone. You folks are as sick as I am.] Proving that at heart I am a people pleaser, I will leave you with a pencil drawing of Usher, because I am sure you were previously let down when my site didn't help you out on your quest.


  1. dang, i'm so jealous of your weird search terms. mine are usually related to my blog. i get a lot of hits for "air brush hat" or 'air brush t shirt gatlinburg" pretty classy.
    ALSO usher was on npr the other day talking about how hilarious he finds amelia bedelia books! what??

  2. Bahahaha. Usher and I absolutely have that in common. I wonder how he feels about Pippi Longstockings. Does he love her funny name, too?


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