Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my major malfunction

Today, I was listening to the How Did this Get Made podcast with Paul Scheer, where 4 comedians discuss a terrible movie in detail. Its one of my favorites, mostly because I see a lot of terrible movies and can thus relate. [Tangent: I hate to admit this but sometimes it actually makes me want to see a movie, like All About Steve or Judge Dredd,  just so I can witness the train wreck and comisserate with the pod casters.] Today whilst listening to Paul F. Tompkins discuss the 2011 NPH reboot of The Smurfs, he made the comment that having the protagonist have a career in advertising is the most hackneyed go-to career choice, its glamorous and interesting and seems like a lot of work...but a lot of fun. This reminded me that pop culture, is exactly why I chose my major in college. It wasn't an inspirational teacher or a traumatic life event, it was a mixture of Angela Bauer, Amanda Woodard and Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want

No young girl when they when asked what they want to be what they grow up answer insurance processor, so how did I get here? When I was wee, I vacillated between wanting to be a hostess on QVC, specializing in porcelain dolls and makeup of course, and/or a  pediatric orthopedic surgeon. [Tangent: Subconsciously I hoped I could somehow incorporate both these interests into one occupation, but I have never quite figure out how...unless there is a informercial about how performing surgery on which case sign me up.] I was a weird kid, I used to make do shampoo commercials in the bathtub [Tangent: You know where you toss the shampoo bottle in the sudsy water and it makes a splash while you deliver the tagline...] and host radio shows with my sister using our cassette recorder.

Then, in high school, which is a golden moment where you are forced to make a decision on what you want to devote your life to, I went to the movies and saw What Women Want with my best friend, Kristen. I remember looking over at her during the scene where they are given a box of products to inspire them and telling her, "I would be good at that." [Tangent: Not to amazing are those offices?!?!?]

With every movie that features an advertising protagonist that I see, whether it be Picture Perfect or  How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, I grow more and more sure that I was not the only one lured into the empty embrace of a Mass Communications degree by the magic of the silver screen. Don't even get me started on how I can't bring myself to watch Mad Men because I think it will depress me. Apparently there are not enough jobs to meet the demands.

Part of me thinks I still would dominate at advertising. Even though I have grown up to understand the key to being an  important advertising executive isn't just wearing a business suit and constantly referring to important documents in your important briefcase, I still think I would kick ass at this profession. I'll ask Amanda Woodward if D&D is hiring...

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