Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the day the record scratched

This blog is gonna weird considering some of the subject matter is a bit frivolous. Imagine you are at a Middle School dance and they are playing "The Train" and "The Tootsie Roll" [Tangent: At least, that's what they played at my middle school dances...] and the record skips and the DJ/homeroom teacher starts playing Madonna's "Take a Bow." Things sometimes take a serious turn just when things are upbeat.  I hope you all stayed with me through that vague analogy.

So today is an important date in Kimmie history. Two years ago today, as many of you know, I lost one of my nine lives when I went into pulmonary acidosis [Tangent: Which basically means I no longer was giving off CO2 and my lungs basically ceased to function and one of them collapsed. Funzies!] and had to be rescued by my sister, my best friend and my friend Josh. Three days were spent on Michael Jackson drugs before I woke up to learn what happened and learned I had tubes coming out of every hole. [Tangent: Yes, every hole.] I did end up getting a lot of wicked where they had to put in the chest tube and one on my neck where they had to insert a trach so I could breathe. The hospital stay was 5 weeks and for the majority of that was spent without the ability to talk...which is quite possibly the worst case scenario as far as I'm concerned, I'm chatty.
me looking excited with my new badass throat scar.
Last year this time, I celebrated with my friends and family my Lungpopaversary/ I'm glad I didn't die dinner. At that time I had just started getting back to normal. My adavan prescription had run out of refills and my panic attacks were ceasing to occur.  Sleeping through the night was a possibility again. [Tangent: Always priding myself on being able to handle things well and not sweat the small stuff, this was the first time that I was really having a hard time moving forward...hence the adavan to help me sleep. I am really shitty at melodrama. ]

Now that I have two years of perspective under my belt, I am increasingly thankful, and to be trite and Bible-ly feel extremely blessed. In the last 2 years, I have watched my best friend and my brother get married, become an aunt to the most beautiful niece in the world and met the love of my life. This whole ordeal also was a definite wake-up call that taught me what and who was important. This came with the price tag of occasionally telling people, "No" and making myself a priority. [Tangent: Probably the hardest lesson to learn.]

I'm not writing this as a means to dwell on things, but who says dwelling and being thankful is a bad thing? Life handed me some really shitty lemons that night in 2010 and it turned into some delightful lemonade. Thanks for all those who added sugar. I love you.


  1. I'm glad that you made it through okay. That sounds like some seriously scary business through and through. And there is totally nothing wrong with being thankful. I can think of a lot worse ways to be!

  2. woot woot! i'm glad you made it through, and really , if there is one thing to have a hard time getting past, that is a dozy.

  3. Cannot believe it's been two years. So so glad that mess is behind you. Love you Jonesie!


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