Friday, August 24, 2012

truck off

God. I love a food truck. Admittedly, they are one of the key motivators in determining my attendance at Nashville area gatherings.  I know...I know...they are really just restaurants on wheels, but I love a novelty. In fact, I should change my name to Spencer's Gifts because I am such a fan of novelties. [Tangent: Although this is a complete aside, has anyone been inside at Spencer's recently? I went in one last year to buy some bachelorette party staples like penis straws and a "bride to be" sash, and was astounded by the wall of graphic "marital aides." In my day, they specialized in fat lady greeting cards, Jack Daniel's hats, boobie mugs and unicorn black light posters- decidedly not dildos. They even have a door on their mall location to keep innocent eyes at bay. Upon entrance into the lair of low brow t-shirts and nipple clamps, I was suddenly 12 and had the case of the giggles. Where had the innocence gone? Apparently, it was still loitering at Claire's.] Really any excuse to order food out of a Winnebago is a valid one- so yesterday I took my mother and my Ginger to the McConnell House in Franklin to attend the Thursday Night Food Fight, where a bevy of Nashville food trucks gather while lots of people with babies (I felt we were in the minority because we didn't have a stroller) listen to a DJ and dine al fresco. 

 My fellow food festers went with the Hoss Burger, which I had never tried but it is basically a yummy big ol' burger patty with the cheese on the inside instead of on the exterior. What a concept! My mind was blown, yet I remained devoted to my grilled cheeserie, where I had a delightful buttermilk cheddar on sourdough with Benton's bacon and avacado aoli with a side of hibiscus mint marinated watermelon cubes. [Tangent: I think my saliva may have shortcircuited my macbook just thinking about it. Oh, and there was Mexican Coke in a glass bottle, which makes it taste so much better.]

 The decision was not an easy one, we made a couple laps before committing to our various mobile eateries. I passed over Biscuit Love which was incredibly difficult. [Tangent: At East Nashville's Tomato Arts Festival a couple week ago, I had their "Princess" which is a gargantuan piece of Prince's famous hot chicken on a big ol' biscuit topped with pickles and mustard. Although it gave me what my boyfriend refers to as "the itis,"  it has been the thing of day dreams for the last couple weeks. This 90 lb girl is such a fat kid inside.] Because I had been pre-game fasting all day and because I didn't wanna be tied down by one establishment, I decided dessert wasn't optional- it was mandatory. We opted for Dixie Belle's Cupcakes. I actually showed restraint because I wanted to get six, but settled on two- Strawberries & Cream and one called a Day & Night. One word- Delightful.
 So why did I write this, besides to make your mouth water and show how addicted I am to my diptic photo app? The blog is just a reminder to support your local food truck.  [Tangent: I am slowly trying to check them all off my list. Next stop hopefully is Wrapper's Delight, mostly because I am intrigued by their punny name and use of the Wu-Tang logo as their "W". That's just brilliant marketing.]

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  1. good Lord, those fries look amazing. Can I tag along next time? It's obvi for the baby!


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