Friday, September 7, 2012

a couple that blogs together

So the other day, in this post, I kinda thought the wretchedness of my quasi modo pink eyes was at its peak. I have since learned that it could indeed get worse. After a little wikipedia'ing, I learned Conjunctivitis could be linked to cold-like symptoms in some cases. Luck must be my middle name, because I now fall into the category. Not only do I look like I am stoned all the time, but I now have a sexy weeze to accompany it and am constantly under the influence of over the counter cough medicine. [Tangent: My overseas friend, Alex, told me today that her host mom in Costa Rica has an eye infection and the doctor prescribed breast milk for it. Not sure if you drink it or squirt it directly in your peeper like some Visine, but its nice to know that if I knew someone who was lactating I would have a plan B.]

On a brighter horizon, I now have reason to be even prouder of my fella. In the last week, he has joined the cool kids table and become a blogger, and a really funny one at that. [Tangent: I realize love is blind...yadda yadda...and you are supposed to believe your significant other is talented and funny even if you are married to Jeff Dunham (I'm sorry I don't get the appeal of this guy and his array of creepy/unfunny puppets), but his blog really is quality.] Last year, my ginger had to create a tumblr account to participate in his beard growth festivities and since then, the site has been untouched. Not unlike a mind, a tumblr is a terrible thing to waste, so after much consternation, Jamie decided on a theme for his blog...something very close to his heart- not understanding the youth of America. [Tangent: This is something I completely relate to given that I had no ungodly idea who Frank Ocean, Two Chains or half the other acts on the VMAs were last night. I'm elderly...thankfully so is my fella. ] 

On a selfish level, I am thrilled for other people to see how smart and witty my sometimes quiet fella is. On a nonselfish level, I am excited to have someone else in my life understand how rewarding and therapeutic a blog can be. Something which some may deem a time waster is quite possibly the best creative outlet I have ever encountered.

So really the point of this blog post [Tangent: Aside from giving you the breast milk eye drop visual.] is just to get you to check out his blog, because if you like my stuff, you'll love his stuff. We are now officially a blogging couple. How gross is that?


  1. Hahaha! It's spelled 2 Chainz! You are so white! You're my perfect match. We are totally gross.

  2. Very cool! He's a really good writer. Tell him I said so. :)


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