Wednesday, September 26, 2012

elect to be civil

Fall 2012 is upon us, and I should be thrilled to smithereens. Despite not understanding the hype of a pumpkin spiced latte, I love this time of year because it means scarves transition from uncomfortable to cozy and all the Halloween merch is out in stores. [Tangent: I can see what sluttified costume will be big this year!] What I am dreading is election season.
It's not the candidates that bother me or the electoral process (Well that's a lie, one of them is kind a dullard and I think the process needs a revamp, but I digress). Freedom is nice and freedom of expression is nicer...but you know whats the nicest? Respect.

When I was driving home the other day, I started to see the oversaturation of Romney/Ryan signs starting to pop up in my neighborhood. [Tangent: I live in one of the reddest counties in Tennessee.] Despite not planning on voting for them, you know what I never thought of doing once- stealing or defiling them. Do you wanna know how many Obama signs got stolen from us 4 years ago? 6. Wanna know how many times my vigilante father called the local police to report stolen property? 6.  He felt his rights were being hindered and that these thieves were messing with his freedom of speech, which I totally understand even though I tried to make him feel better and told him that maybe they just wanted to borrow it for their own yards. In my heart, I knew they were probably just dicks. [Tangent:I do love my dad for his overreaction and for sticking to his belief system. ]

That memory made me start to dread the hurricane of insanity that is election season. People have gotten especially ass-holey and very "put up or shut up" about their views as of late...on both sides. Trust that I can get as fired up and feisty as the next person, but people get dirty this time of year. I have seen many innocuous Facebook posts devolve into name calling and mudslinging. A couple weeks back, after watching the Democratic National Convention and wishing that the guy would just put down his iPad, which he was awkwardly using as a camera, and watch Bill Clinton's speech- I wrote a brief decidedely unpolitically biased facebook status update. After several hours, it had completely run off the rails and words words that rhyme with "witch" and "bunt" were being tossed around like hand grenades. Simmer, kiddos...I was just trying to point out the misuse of one said anything controversial. [Tangent: Unless, you are Steve Jobs and think I am somehow blaspheming his i-brand. Maybe the iPhone 5 has regeneration capabilities!]

I really don't care if you are an elephant or a donkey; either side has unsavory characters so don't break the walls of your glass house. Also, at some point by your late 20s/early 30s, its highly unlikely that someone calling your party as asshole online is going to give you a sudden epiphany that will thus change how you vote for the rest of your life. I'm no sociologist, but I will wager that a persons politics have never been swayed by a meme...or even one misspelled in dirt on the back of a semi.

I stole this from my friend Rae's instagram.

Some of them are funny, and trust I have looked at them and laughed a lot...repeatedly. They are not the issue. Those people are running for office, and as public figures deserve to be scrutinized, but the personal attacks of the voters is outta control! Just because you are voting for Romney doesn't mean you're racist...and just because I'm voting for Obama doesn't mean I abuse welfare and expect the government to support me. My opinons are stronger than gas station coffee, I just see facebook as a safety zone, where I shouldn't have to be barraged with distant acquaintances calling me and people that think like me "ignorant hippies" everytime I turn around. [Tangent: At first, I will admit, I did find the neverending threads of backbiting mildly entertaining, but its old news and its just wheel spinning. Never did I think I would be so excited for mid November when Facebook will go back to being about Pinterest mamas showing their latest craft or hipsters taking pictures of their cats.]


  1. I love me some cat pictures. Amen! I totally agree with you on all that you said. I have to be "friends" with lots of people that I don't know on Facebook because of animal rescue and it pains me like crazy to see some of the completely off-the-wall, unbiased angry rants and crazy misspelled illustrations that show up on their walls. I seriously can't take it anymore. It always makes me said how much misinformation gets traded around and heralded as fact. And how much venom there is.

    1. I couldn't agree more. It takes every shred of restraint in my body not to go off on people. After all, it's their right. I just don't need to be assaulted with it

  2. HAHA, this reminds me that i have been tempted to steal a ron paul for president sign and change it to RuPaul and put it in my yard. but it would probably get stolen. or someone would draw a dick on my front door.


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