Wednesday, September 19, 2012

from east tennessee with love part 1.

Today, I was smacked in the face with the realization that I had not yet written a post about my awesome weekend at Bristol Rhythm and Roots [Tangent: I feel like I borderline have too many observations to be confined to one blog entry so be forewarned that not unlike any good sitcom episode, this may leak over into a "to be continued." Trust me, you'll deal with it.] As I have commentated on numerous times, here here and here, no matter how amazing a band I am watching is, I will undoubtedly get distracted by people in the audience.

The weekend long event is more or less a melting pot of different ages and walks of life [Tangent: Although lets be honest, 99.7% of people are white. Americana music needs more crossover appeal!]. However, the result of the melting pot is not a smooth soup, but rather an awkwardly chunky stew. There are the 20 year old mini Zooey Deschannels liquid dancing with their shaggy unbuttoned shirted Shia LaBeufs. Then there are the liplinered retirees, the aging hippy contingent and then the southern WWF enthusiast types. Everyone has a swarthy beard or fancy moustache...I mean EVERYONE! It is a facial hair lovers Valhalla! [Tangent: So I know the more accepted spelling is mustache, but don't you think the "O" makes it more dignified and less pedophile? I think it does. Apparently my spellcheck on my iPhone disagrees, because it consistently changes "moustache" to "moist ache" which really takes on an altogether connotation. I digress.]
some beard action shots from the second sexiest bearded man alive: David Mayfield of the David Mayfield Parade're jealous!
Although I was not the oldest person there by a long shot, sometimes people in their early 20s make me feel so damn old [Tangent: And as Garth Brooks said, in bicolor blouse perfection, "I'm much too young to feel this damn old."] I'm all for individualism and I know hipster kiddos want to express it, but is it anti feminist and old fashioned to believe that you should in the least want to look nice? I felt this way immensely as I crowd watched from sidestage at Shovels And Rope [Tangent: Thanks kindly gentleman who realized I couldn't see shit from the back of the tent and ushered me right up front. WHEELCHAIR CARD EXECUTED FLAWLESSLY!]

one of the most amazingly unexpected performances of the weekend!
Sometimes I just question people's motivation for things. Example: A girl at the above show was wearing a candy stripers uniform as a dress. I feel like it would be one thing if she just got off her volunteer duties [Tangent: Although I was a hospital volunteer the first summer after my Freshman year in college and I just got a lab coat and not a red and white striped dress like Lisa Turtle in that episode of SBTB when Zack got overly melodramatic and thought he was gonna die during knee surgery.],
but I am almost positive that she just thought it was a jumper when she happened upon it at goodwill. Of course I took a picture, because I felt the need to chronicle everything. [Tangent: Oh, you'll the "to be continued."]
this is baffling.
 so this is where I say...TO BE CONTINUED....


  1. This made my otherwise crappy day. Looking forward to the sequel...and more people-watching. Because I flippin' LOVE people watching!

  2. will you please dress as a candy striper for Halloween?


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