Wednesday, September 12, 2012

get rhythm when you get the blues

As you get older, vacations become more necessary and oddly enough fewer and farther between. Added stresses  should ideally mean more times of merriment in order to balance things out, right? Unfortunately not. Life is not fair. I know this is not a newflash, we are all well aware of the fact that sometimes things are shitty and then they get better...hopefully. This sad realization is the thing that drives people to purchase "Kitty, hang in there" posters.

Thankfully, I get a nice respite this weekend and I could not be more overjoyed and ready to get outta town. My fella and I are going to Bristol Rhythm and Roots to go get our folksy music festival on with his family. [Tangent: Although, I love concerts and try to go to them whenever possible,  I usually find festivals to be too much of an undertaking. So many people. So many stages. Sensory overload. Additionally, I am elderly and get tired at the drop of a hat, so just the thought of going nonstop for 3 days straight makes me want to vomit into aforementioned dropped hat. ] I haven't attended a festival since Everclear and Fastball were headlining on a big stage and I was fresh outta braces. That should let you know how long overdue this is.

Today when I was dumping pics of my mom's camera [Tangent: My mom daily curses the phenomenae of digital photography because it makes tangible photos harder to come by. How is she gonna brag about her beautiful grandbaby?! I hear this schpiel often.] I got even more excited about the lineup because I found some photos of The David Mayfield Parade that I had taken at Music City Roots a few months prior. [Tangent: The intention, at the time, was to blog about it, but something of great importance must have kicked it off the docket...something like vajazzling or slutty halloween costumes. You know, something with journalistic integrity.] I am waiting for this man to become a super star, because for a large bearded bespectacled man, he can shake it like no other and some of his lyrics have dissolved me into a pile of mush and/or made me want to join him in danncing my ass off.

It's gonna be a lovely weekend weather wise, perfect for optimum bluegrassines. I better cut this short because I have to pack.  I will have to break out the plaid shirts so I can fit the rootsy theme. Dresssing thematically is key. If I had the time or the testosterone, I would grow a swarthy beard!  [Tangent: It is sure to be a weekend full of fun facial hair configurations, which makes it all the more thrilling. ]

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