Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Joy Flood

If joy and happiness came in waves, then I would be seasick today. For months, I have been stressing hardcore about getting donations for the Alliance for Recreational Empowerment Auction that I kind of tackled as a passion project. [Tangent: Shameless plug: check out auction which goes live from 9/20 - 9/21 here!] Asking people for help is something I have to do often and I hate when I take on that responsibility of having to beg willingly, I regret it within minutes. [Tangent: I have no idea where this complex stems from because I have been fundraising all my life, and I love a good box of Girl Scout cookies or seeing my name emblazoned on a Shamrock or Hot Air Balloon at my local grocery store. It gives me warm I have no idea why I assume no one else would want to feel this same feeling of dogoodery. Guess I'm an insane person.] The whole ordeal of asking people (especially my friends) for things makes me feel insanely needy and that is one feeling I despise. Yet, on the other hand I want wholeheartedly to help. It was quite the conundrum...but the obvious answer was that I needed to get over myself and que sera sera and all that stuff and realize that it would all shake down perfectly.

Today, as auction day is just one day away, I became flooded with sweet people wanting to contribute really amazing things no conditions. The warm fuzziness is amazing. Even though event hasn't even started yet, I am already gung ho about making it an annual/biannual event. Fundraising for nonprofits is what I wanted to do when I graduated college 7 long years ago. I cannot describe the feeling that comes with pulling something like this off and seeing it through. [Tangent: Admittedly, I am a big idea kinda gal with shitty follow through sometimes... and I hate it.] This feeling of getting something done and having so many amazing creative people help me out is one I want again soon. I am a junkie for this accomplishment feeling. I think Ren and Stimpy can feel me [Tangent: Even though as a child, they made me itch.]


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