Wednesday, October 10, 2012

get your pumpkins out!

the sexy honey badger dont play.
 Its officially October, so that means its time for us all to be visually harangued with sights of scantily clad women in ridiculous Halloween costumes. It is something that I have annually addressed since this blog's inception. [Exhibit A; Exhibit B] This year, my friend and fellow Halloween enthusiast, Kate, posted the following on my facebook page, thus reminding me that the time to blog about this topic was again upon us:

I can't say I was shocked...I mean I know that skankiness has no boundaries (not unlike the WalMart brand). After seeing this post, I lost more time than I would care to admit laughing till I cried looking at women tarted up in ridiculous and creative ways. [Tangent: If you want to fall down the glittery and possibly STD ridden rabbit hole, please visit]

...and some not so creative. This one took me for minute.

completely authentic...but probably would chafe if you tried to mount a horse.

this one was called "remember the trojans." ...and I would if I were you.

....again sexy dolphin isn't even trying

I know lots of trashy women that want to merge their love of Dr. Seuss with their love of pulling tail.

sexy hamburger...duh.

This would be a hit if you were an paleontologist that really wanted to let your hair down

the sexy rooster is not even trying to be subtle.

I know Romney isn't big of PBS, but maybe he has never witnessed sexy Oscar the Grouch

I had to look at this many times before I even figured out it was Nemo.

communism! Yay!

yep. tarantula....but hot.

someone didn't finish this mummy

This one isn't the sluttiest...but one that made me spit tea everywhere

Jamie liked that it said Beatlejuice on the skirt because it isn't exactly crystal clear

This raises a lot of red flags, and daddy issues

I wanna be a Family Guy know...the slutty one.

"I'm scary"

I'm gonna assume this is some kind of anime thing...and even then I am really worried about the wearer of said "Sexy Husky" outfit.

This one was so terrible, they couldn't get the "Pooh" licensing. It was simply called "Honey Bear"
I'm sure I will come across more in the coming weeks, but for now I am on vacation, so I am gonna go outside and sleep on the beach, while visions of sexy sorcerers and unicorns dance in my head. Later.


  1. I can't imagine the mentality of the woman who would want to wear ANY of these but for some reason, I'm stumped the most by "sexy chicken".

  2. oh. my. god.
    i think sexy "nemo" is my favorite. or maybe sexy beetlejuice.

  3. omg the baby and winnie the pooh were too much for me to handle! Who thinks, "I want to take something innocent and make it as slutty as possible?" I don't get it. Oh PS. I guess I'm 85


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