Tuesday, October 23, 2012

give us your frail... your wheelchaired... your elderly masses

what a weird slogan

That hot garbage feeling is starting to sneak up on me...and I am having nothing of it. Being sick is not something I can at all afford given I only have .56 hours of vacation time accrued, so instead of going to tuesday night trivia, I elected to early vote and call it an early night. In other words, be an old lady...but an old lady that has done her civic duty.

After work, I picked my mom up so she and I could make a run to our polling location in case we are both hit by a bus tomorrow- our voices will have been heard [Tangent: Or probably not...we live in a red state...but oh well. As in going to a doctor's office as a child, I got a sticker...so all was not lost.]
 When we crossed the threshhold of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, [Tangent: A building I've never had a reason to enter.] I noticed the line was wrapped around the building...up and down stairs and around doorways. Yay! People are rocking the vote. Boo! Those people all got here ahead of me.

My throat was suddenly extra scratchy as my regret set in, and I began to think there was not enough piled up games of Word Scramble to keep me entertained in this endless queue. This was until I spotted a gray haired angel and a sign that would probably be the cause of numerous "eat shit" looks from my fellow early voters. The sign read: "frail, disabled and elderly voters can move to the front of the line." [Tangent: The word "frail" and the overall appearance of the sign made me giggle a little. I was gonna take a photo of it...but right above it was a sign prohibiting cell phone usage in the polling place. Oh, well.] I felt awkward, but not guilty completely breezing by those other 50 stellar citizens and being in and out of that sandtrap in 10 minutes.

Once again I would like to thank my wheelchair for its small favors. [Tangent: Oh and while I'm at it...thanks for allowing me to be ushered to the front to get this view at the Alabama Shakes benefit show at the 5 Spot last weekend, being the happy vessel for all of Brittany Howard's spit and sweat. ]
no zoom
 So what's the point of this rambling- Get out there and vote...for whomever. [Tangent: Early vote in fact...its not so bad...just google early polling places in your county and make it happen.] Maybe you should borrow an elderly person, or a cane or a tank of oxygen or some other fun accessory because that's how you get to roll VIP.


  1. Our neighborhood polling place is in this church that is staffed by elderly folks. There is never a line but the woman who works the ID verification table is SO slow and skeptical about people being who they say they are. Last time, I showed her my picture ID (that looks just like me) and to her, my signature didn't match the one on my voter registration card so she started grilling me. She then said that if I could sign again and MAKE it match the one on my card, then I could vote. I hated to tell her but if I had to start throwing folding chairs all over that joint, I WAS gonna vote! I dread going there this year...

    1. Crazy. What area are you in??? My dad is in a group that is pushing for more ethical voting processes. If you ever have an issue- seriously let me know their name and polling location and I'll pass it on!

  2. oh man, something about the word frail is giving me the giggles. this will be my first time voting in nashville, so we'll see where my polling station is. i hope they are nice. and it isn't busy.


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