Sunday, October 28, 2012

heisenberg halloween

People always say, when is the moment that you knew your significant other was "the one" and I can affirm that one of those tell-tale moments was the moment I went over to my fellas house and saw inside his closet. Amid the East Nash uniform pieces of button downs in various plaids and about 20+ hats were the components of multiple costumes. Bowler hats, ridiculous embroidered western shirts, various ruffled blouses [Tangent: Jamie used to be in a couple different bands so a lot of these items are stage wear, but I like to think even if he wasn't a drummer, he would possess this stuff anyway]. To some girls, this might invoke a fear that their dating partner was a raging loon; to me, I was tickled pink. I love dressing up and being as completely ridiculous as to find a lucky 33 year old whom is never too old for Halloween and being silly makes me happy.

This year we went through MANY different idea options. Willy Wonka characters, Pee Wee's playhouse characters [Tangent: I was insanely inspired by this fellow awesome wheelchair blogger chick's post. She makes me look like a dingleberry, because her homemade costumes will leave your mouth agape for days!] and TONS of movie characters. Our concepts have pinballed back and forth since November 2011. I have thought for years it would be cool to somehow play people in wheelchairs, but that doesn't leave much room for inspiration...I mean FDR....Lt. Dan. You can only go so far.

Finally we settled on something that basically started as a joke because we are butt-crazy obsessed with Breaking Bad. The character of Hector Salamanca is in a wheelchair and Jamie could easily be Walt. [Tangent:  Mostly because he thought going in blackface to be Gus would be frowned upon.] True, not everyone at the parties would necessarily be huge Breaking Bad fans, but the ones that got it would love it. I kinda love a costume that only appeals to 25% of the people, because that 25% would likely appreciate it more.

rock candy meth, gun, 2 cell phones, disfigured Gus face, bell, oxygen tubing...and of course...
...a bomb....and yes that's a Jerry Lewis watch...its the only one I could find at my house.

Luckily I have long ago but aside the need to be "cute" on Halloween. Why be a sexy corn on the cob, when you have an idea that involves a bathrobe and a bald cap? Am I right ladies? I mean while some ladies were not breathing in their vaguely ambiguous corsets and picking their booty shorts out of their butt cracks, I got to sit around in scrubs and grippy hospital socks. [Tangent: Please contain your jealousy!]

Jamie even shaved down to a goatee for the evening, which is a look that on him, I find semi terrifying for some reason. Now the quest to start thinking about Halloween 2013 begins now!


  1. you guys look great! and HOLY CRAP that pee wee costume! seriously amazing.also, you guys should go see beauty is embarrassing at the belcourt this weekn if you haven't yet. i think you would LOVE it. watch the trailer! for realz.

    1. I know her pee wee and her roger rabbit were kind of incredible.


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