Monday, October 22, 2012

Nashville is so hot right now

this mural is also one of the designs from DCXV- one of my favorite Nashville based brands
Born and raised on the outskirts of Nashville, I have seen my city be the butt of redneck jokes and the center of stereotype- and now, out of the blue clear sky,  I am witnessing its ascension into the epitome of cool. A part of me is so overjoyed that non Nashvillians are seeing the exposure my hometown is getting in recent articles [Tangent: Last year, Rolling Stone anointed Nashville as having the best music scene in the country and GQ deemed it "Nowville" a couple months back.] and TV shows [Tangent: First there is the show bearing our city's name, and the lets not forget, we are getting a housewives franchise, for God's sake!], but another part of me is protective. My city is pretty damned spectacular, and I would shout it from the rooftops (and I have here), but  I don't want it to be seen as "trendy" and go the way of the fanny pack as soon as the spotlight shifts to another growing metropolis. [Tangent: The last area to have its name attached to all things pop culture was New Jersey, and you see what effect that had on its people. Thanks Paulie D.] 

For this reason I was nervous when I've watched the last couple episodes of Nashville. I truly didn't want it to let me down and more importantly, let my hometown down. I didn't wanna see all the characters dressed like tourists, because contrary to most outsider's knowledge, natives aren't walking around in cowboy hats 24/7. Thankfully for ABC and my heart, this prime time musical soap opera did not leave me disheartened, it just rekindled my love. [Tangent: Even though, with all its footage from The Bluebird Cafe, I could not help but be reminded of the storyline from the 1993 Kimmie favorite: A Thing Called Love. In fact the entire Nashville sub-storyline of the Bluebird waitress love triangle is precisely identical to the one that River Phoenix, Dermot Mulroney and Samantha Mathis find themselves in during the movie. After watching the below trailer, it makes me want to dig out the soundtrack which I bought after it came out.]

Thanks to the awesome dialect coaches hired by ABC producers [Tangent: I happen to know one!], the characters on the show all speak coherently and normal just with a slight lilt, like most Nashvillians actually do,  instead of with some weird amalgamation of drawls that sound as like the lovechild of Jeff Foxworthy and Julia Sugarbaker. That attention to detail is completely appreciated by yours truly.

Of course there are moments as a native when I watch it and think, "Wait, why would you walk from Tootsie's to the Pedestrian Bridge? That's inconvenient." or  you are constantly ignoring the character dialogue because you recognize someone that's in the background. That's part of the fun. It's the reason that so many of my other friends locally are swept up in it. Even most of my guy friends and family members make this show appointment TV merely out of civic pride...and maybe Hayden Penetierre jiggling around on the Musica Statue. [Tangent: I have never seen ladies writhing around on it, but I have seen an inflatable penis stuck to it after some bachelorette party shenanigans. That's the closest I've come to seeing sexiness in the Music Row roundabout.] It can also be fun to sit around and guess which neighborhoods the characters live in [Tangent: I am guessing the Bluebird Waitress is East Nashville. Rayna James is from Bell Meade and Deacon lives in the Hillsboro Village area.] and be reminded, by way of sweeping bird's eye shots, how pretty the landscapes are that we take for granted everyday.  Every hour long episode is like one big tourist commercial, in the best way possible.

Despite all of this positivity, I guess I am still worried, because I know Nashville's ego balloon is about to be filled past capacity in the accolades it has received. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Right after Titanic came out, Titanic fever swept the nation. Every prom in America in '97/'98 was Titanic themed. Everyone was suddenly a scholar of the tragic event and wearing replica heart of the ocean pendants. I remember having to write a movie review in my 9th grade English class and naturally what motion picture did I, along with nearly every other kid in my class, select? Titanic. Eventually the collective enthusiasm felt for the film and the ship of dreams, for lack of a better word, sank. I don't want Nashville to sink. We dodged that bullet in 2010.


  1. I love this post. I too was glad to see that they don't have crazy faux Southern accents. And when she asked him if he wanted to go to Tootsie's, I screeched at the TV about how far of a walk that would be for a drink. Sometimes, I do get embarrassed at how much name dropping they do of Nashville attractions, bars and restaurants (and how she was wearing a Loveless Cafe t-shirt to remove her makeup) but that's probably just my knee-jerk reaction in the hopes that they don't overdo things. I'm sure people outside of Nashville don't notice it. I read a news guy's FB post yesterday about how he got caught in a traffic jam caused by the staged traffic jam at Musica and that made me happy.

    1. I know- tootsie's is not a walk away from Music Row...and what school were they going to where they got hung up at the Music City roundabout!?!?

  2. A super blogger I read who lives here in the Houston area has always shared their plan of moving to the Austin area. Austin is most definitely Texas's "trendy" hotspot. A couple of days ago she announced that they have rerouted their destiny to none other than Nashville. Old Navy will soon come out with a kitschy "Nashville's for Playas" t-shirt. ;)

    1. They have already started making "Nashville is the new LA" shirts. The apocalypse is near


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