Wednesday, October 3, 2012

to market to market...jiggety jig.

As a child, I had a lot of odd past times; my television habits were more or less the habits of a 47 year old shut-in. At the time, I assumed every 9 year old child was watching hours of home shopping network and game shows. That was my life...and it was a happy existence. [Tangent: The other day, at trivia, my friend Rae was telling me how she had just started rewatching on Netflix the redheaded stepchild of Jim Henson programming, Dinosaurs. As a child I hated this show. The baby was annoying to me, in the same way Urkel was (but not Stephan Ur'kel). I would have easily traded it for a good porcelain doll showcase on QVC or episode of Lets Make a Deal. That I could watch for hours.]

The other day when I was getting lost on, I was reminded of my favorite game show, Supermarket Sweep. After reading this article, I was transported back to the early 90s, when despite the ever present ill fitting pleated khakis and numerical sweatshirts with attached collars, the idea of grocery shopping seemed incredibly glamorous. As an adult, I can now attest that it is not so. [Tangent: Unless you are an extreme couponer, because TLC makes stockpiling 40 rolls of toilet paper very glam. After all, it has its own weekly 30 minute time slot.] All this week, I have been making various trips and running errands to ready myself for my big beach trip next week. [Tangent: No matter how many trips I make, I will be always not get everything...perhaps the space in my cart reserved for "that other thing I needed" was usurped by a bag of seasonally wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It happens.]  Only, instead of trying to shove 5 gold wrapped turkeys into my cart, I am searching for anything that is "Great Value" or "Kirkland's Best" brand. I'm positive the store David Ruprect managed was devoid of generics, despite having a very impressive assortment of gourmet cheeses and baguettes.

Also, exchanging things at the mall is not near as fun as Shop Til' You Drop had be believe as a child. In fact, I am prepared to be shunned by the females of the world when I say, "I hate the mall." When you try to go back there after being a near full time mall employee for years, you will get 'Nam style flashbacks and immediately be filled with a deep sadness. I really only go back when I have to return something or if I have a free panty card from VS....because who can afford full priced underpants! [Tangent: My one takeaway/life lesson from Shop Til' You Drop was that I had a lifetime aspiration to wrap a present as they did on the show. I remember my sister and I trying many times to wrap our birthday Christmas presents in such a way that the box (and bow included) was eternally decorated.]
this is the only time I have ever opened a "Shop Til' You Drop" style gift. I was in college and clearly made it a kodak moement.
OK, I really should go start packing....or maybe I should lose myself in the 20+ full episodes of "the Sweep" that I found on Youtube this evening.


  1. I LOVED both of those shows. You are making me want to youtube them the rest of the day. Ugh.

  2. I remember Supermarket Sweep. I was always yelling to them to get the damn hams!!! That's where the money was btu they always went for the stupid crap instead. Side note the baby Dinosaur for the television show Dinosaurs looks a lot like Honey BooBoo


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