Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sometimes, I am really bad at observing milestones. I was never that girl that needed  7 dozen roses on her 7 week anniversary, however it doesn’t mean I don’t care- it just means I am forgetful. Anyway, today I realized last week’s blog about Taylor Swift and her questionable partnership with Papa Johns was my 300th blog! [Full Disclosure: Somehow writing that entry made me incredibly curious about what it was all about, therefore I have now joined the legion of duck-lipped teens across the nation- and have purchased the Red album. To be honest- it’s enjoyable. I have had a terrible week and all I needed was some power pop with unnecessary dub step and “like” laced monologue interruptions to make me take my  mind off my troubles. ]  How have  I possibly had 300 separate topics to discuss? That is baffling to me. 

In order to keep with the weekly theme of half-assed lazy postings, I thought I would show you some of my findings when I goggled my blog’s name. Like amid all the gobblety gook below that I don't understand,  I learned my blog is valued at $255! No clue how that arbitrary value was configured by some third party spamming site- but I’m confident that their word is bond. I am ready to take that $255 and quit my job. [Tangent: With my penchant for impulse purchasing (see above Taylor Swift album)- I am pretty sure I could stretch that out for about one week at best.]

Also I learned my blog is somehow being linked to several Russian adult toy sites. Although I am in no position to turn away publicity, thanks but no thanks, Slavic blow up doll vendors.  Your demographic is likely not interested in my breed of snark. Please take me off your search list or unsubscribe me or whatever you do. I’m only to assume that they caught wind of me through one of my most popular image searches:

Many other interesting things I learned about myself when googling. [Tangent: Who knew search engines could lead to self discovery?] Most of my blog topics are somehow centered around a drunken Batman or me being a fat girl in a skinny kids body. The first is a topic I don’t recall directly addressing.
Judging by all this, they are assuming I am Asian and or interested in things like Prom DJs and Ugg Boots. Both assumptions are false.


In other news, next week I am going to a Nashville blogger meet up with two of my favorite fellow bloggers Rae of Say it Ain’t So and Kelly of Ranch Dressing with Earth Kitsch.  I have this premonition that it will be awkward x 1000, but I am intrigued by the prospect to meet other blogging weirdos, such as myself…especially given I  know every detail about some of their lives already via interweb. Trust, I will be writing about it.

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