Monday, November 5, 2012

i saw red

The other day, I was ordering a pizza online, as I always do because I HATE ordering food over the phone. [Tangent: When I was little, I so badly wanted to be a "big girl" and order my family's dinner of 4 pizzas. I ordered 8 by mistake. This is a trauma I don't believe I have ever recovered from.] As I scrolled though the specials page on the Papa John's website, I scrolled over this:

Yes, that's right your eyes are not deceiving you; that is a Tay Swift pizza combo! There is also the option to just nix the pie all together, and just call in to place an order for a piping hot copy of her RED CD. How bizarre. I can decide which is more embarassing: that shame you feel when you opt to order a large pizza for one...or the awkwardness of having a guy in a Papa John's uniform drive to your home and deliver a pop country CD.

Trust that I am not hating on Swifty. Despite being nearly 30, I have actually paid for some of her music and have been known to sing along ardently. [Tangent: I mean who doesn't wanna give ol' John Mayer the what for?]  She's more media savvy and talented than I was at 22, that's for sure.
But come on,'s not like her music isn't readily available everywhere. [Tangent: Have you been in a Target lately...or a Walgreen's for that matter or been able to get that damned single out of your noodle?] I just feel some places should be moderately priced pizza joints.


  1. We sell her CD at Whole Foods too.

  2. i love the idea of the poor papa johns guy delivering just the cd. so weird!
    i was traumatized by a pizza guy BANGING on our door last night at 9:30! the way he was pounding away i expected to find someone running from a murderer on the other side of the door.


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