Wednesday, November 7, 2012

inquiring minds want to know...again.

I get it, when you are different- you are a curiosity. This is a proven fact. Being a wheeled one for all my life, I have gotten my fair share of questions that have left my mouth agape. 

And I know, my high school Pre-Cal teacher used to tell us that there were no stupid questions...but I have grown to find that is a falsity. There are A LOT of dumb questions, and I have recently rediscovered the site where all these idiotic queries congregate; that Valhalla is Yahoo Answers. 

 True- if you don't ask, you'll never know, but I find it unsettling that some people have no other resources to bounce their thoughts off of. In lieu of asking a parent or a friend or a coworker or even a street vagrant, they shoot their inquiries into cyber space and hope not to get heckled or sometimes, even worse, get their stupidity validated by their peers.

As I have done once before in this post, I decided to see what kind of questions were being asked about wheelchair users in yahoo-land.  There were a lot of weird ones, particularly from a jokester named Diego who asked a heap of questions about bodily fluids and functions such as: "How do I convince someone that I am not farting and that it is my seat cushion?" [Tangent: We've all been there.] or "What do I do if there is poop all over my wheelchair cushion?" Here are some of the others that were new to me...

*This one seemed odd. Unless they were in a tragic tetherball incident, I really don't see the harm...unless it's me and then I have absolutely no interest in talking about sports with you, but not because I am hypersensitive- I just don't care.

This was actually asked several times. Is this a thing?
yep, that's about all there is...
This was one of my favorites, I think I would accept the answer simply because "W' would be a hard ass letter
*I love that this person has spent a lot of time mulling this over, because I have never once thought of this.

 The last one is actually rather thought provoking, but almost a little too deep/heavy for Yahoo Answers! where 99% of the questions were different phrasings of "how do disabled people do it?"  


  1. oh my god i'm cackling outloud. the couples wheelchair!! and the "pop tabs"! i also love that the first guy obviously doen't feel like a close enough friend to just ASK his wheelchair bound friend if it bothers him. i also like how he says "sports that require legs."

  2. I kinda want to see that pop tab wheelchair. I won't lie - I'm a bit intrigued.
    And the rest of the post made me snort.


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