Saturday, November 10, 2012

lisa frank-ly my dear, I don't give a damn.

When I was in fourth grade, a major trend swept the recesses at Lipscomb Elementary Schools- if you were living and breathing and possessed the XX chromosomes at that time in my zip code, you collected erasers or you were nothing. [Tangent: As an adult, I have since learned this trend did not take the nation by storm, like I once believed it did. When I have asked friends who grew up in different parts of the country, "but didn't you collect erasers when you were little?"- they stare at my incredulously and believe that I had a very lame upbringing.]  In 1992, I was the proud owner of a toolbox brimming with mini novelty erasers, that served no utility but making me a hoarder, and hopefully making my friends blind with jealousy...because isn't that the goal of every tween girl in the suburbs? Although there was a smattering of Hello Kittys and Keroppis, the majority of the unused pieces of flourescent rubber were Lisa Frank originals.
I can confirm I had all of these and then some. In fact,  the sheep dogs melted in the sun at recess and looked horrifying.
The whole joy of eraser collecting was that you would trade with your friends to complete sets and get ones that were very sought after. For some reason I remember there were these little Lisa Frank candy corn erasers that were all the rage with the Ked set. I remember the term "collector's item" being tossed around liberally regarding several of the designs that they stopped selling.

So why is this relevent? Well, a couple years ago I was rehashing this memory with a friend from grade school and we both started cracking up recalling how dumb we were to believe anyone in years to come would give two purple shits about our neon school supplies. Well, apparently I underestimated capitalism because I started seeing Urban Outfitters selling exorbitantly priced "vintage" Lisa Frank items. [Tangent: Ugh. Maybe its the fact that I am turning 30 next week, but I am exceedingly uncomfortable with relics from my formative years being deemed vintage. A similar shudder is sent through my core when I see Foo Fighters shirts being sold under a sign reading "vintage tees" at my local Target store. It is unsettling.] Nostalgia is my middle name, but even I wouldn't spend $20 for a notepad and a pencil emblazoned with fuscia unicorns.
pretty sure I am regretting tossing that eraser collection about now. 

Then today,  I found out that other savvy people were turning their plasticized paper into gold on Etsy. Like this seller is selling a 6" golden retriever sticker for nearly $11. This seems excessive, but then again I am not as heavy into sticker collecting as I once was. I'd let this all pass without feeling moved to vent on the internet...and then I saw this:

Ok, maybe on some level I can see selling the backpack, but I would like to meet the crazy that dishes out $75 to purchase the atrocity. And I don't know if I can summon the words to describe a wooden box simply encrusted in stickers...because pretty sure my childhood set of drawers looked identical to that  Surely that should be worth a cool thousand, right!?

Instead of buying a Bunny Ballerina trapper keeper to be nostalgic of "vintage" pop culture- watch this video as I silently curse myself for tossing my eraser collection when I was packing for college.


  1. someone i know sold about 10 of the tiny erasers on ebay for 11 bucks! and the zipper binders go for up to 40! i have a baby leopard one i've been using for my film negatives but i've been contimplating listing it. so crazy.

  2. Ok maybe it didn't "take the nation by storm" but it happened in part of Washington state... I definitely had the palm trees and banana erasers, and some of the others look familiar. My collection was not Lisa Frank exclusive, though. I had the coolest Clifford the Big Red Dog pencil-topper erasers!
    That's nuts with all the stuff on ebay, never would have guessed!

  3. ahhh, the little Santa and unicorns.....memories <3.... my parents were so strapped when we were growing up, Lisa Frank goodies were far and few between for us. But we turned out alright. Our school craze was pencils. Even dumber, they were for playing "pencil break" on the bus after school.
    Your "vents" are why I love this blog. And your nostagic throwback memories. We must be the same age.

  4. Ah yes, the Lisa Frank days. How I adored all those things. So. very. much. Haha, glad I could creep your blog! It was great meeting you tonight.



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