Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little people...big world

Sometimes you have to find diamonds in dog shit. My dads been really sick lately and spent the last couple weeks in the hospital, and I've had to strain for positive things in my periphery. Thankfully my sweet beam of sunshine, my niece Ellie, came to visit just when the light was needed most. For that I was exceedingly thankful. It's impossible to be sad when she is around.

Although I really need no excuse to shower my best gal with ridiculous tiny outfits and toys I want to play with- her first birthday is right around the corner. My spending was legitimized. To keep with the theme of buying my ladybug things to make her awesome, my mom and I bought her a toy from one of my favorite childhood lines- Fisher Price Little People. [Tangent: When I was wee, the Little People toys were basically Caucasian ball heads on little primary colored peg bodies. Today they literally look like little people...like with varying forms of dwarfism. ]

The Little People of my day...

Little People of today...literally LPs
We brought home the Little People School Bus and when I was pushing Carlos the bus driver to make the lights flash, I noticed this on the box, proving further that the little people franchise had only evolved and been made more awesome in my book:

Yes, I had just inadvertently bought my niece her first toy that came with adaptive equipment.  [Tangent: It was sort of a short bus, I guess I was blind not to see it.] In the back of the bus, you could snap any of the characters in and out of the little kelly green wheelchair, so they could all experience the awesome. Here is Ellie embracing diversity by snapping Maggie, aka mini Sally Jesse Raphael, onto her new wheels:

This kind of thing never existed when I was little, but I am glad it does now! Although I  get no kickback from the Fisher Price company, I completely think everyone should own one...even adults. [Tangent: I mean, that bus song is mighty catchy.]


  1. Whoa, these don't even resemble the Little People I used to play with. I mean... they have ARMS! And fashion accessories?! I loved their iconic simplicity, but the wheelchair IS pretty rad.

    1. ME TOO! I am actually hoping to find her some old school ones on Ebay. I think she would enjoy them as well. I am on the hunt for a moderately priced 80s Tudor style little people house for her too!

  2. "so they could all experience the awesome"

  3. ps: I like the old style a lot better. I have been looking for wooden ones when I go to flea markets and yard sales


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