Wednesday, November 14, 2012

mutual stalking society meet up

Last week, at trivia, my friend Rae, of Say it Ain't So, invited me to go to a happy hour meet up for some  Nashville lady bloggers. Both of us are pretty obsessive bloggers and were stoked at the prospect of being able to completely nerd out with ladies of similar sensibilities. [Tangent: My week has been insane, being that I am a shitty juggler and trying to keep about 12 metaphorical balls in the air. A brief reprieve and a vodka tonic was mandatory.]

Because the prospect of going to a bar I'd never been to [Tangent: Btw- The Stone Fox in West Nashville is pretty damned charming and cozy. I highly recommend if you are ever on that side of town, which I never am. C'est La Vie.] to meet a bunch of strangers seemed daunting, we decided to carpool to keep ourselves accountable and sane. No clue why there was nervousness, every blogger I know is the most hilarious open book imaginable. These sweet sassy dames were no exception. My mind is already popping with collaboration ideas...and/or ways I can steal their brilliance.

It's amazing that I took no pictures and nor did any of the other gals, so I will just set a mental picture for ya. Everyone was adorable and the market on quirky glasses was definitely cornered. All talented in different ways that truly blew my mind and made me feel like I needed to step up my game. [Tangent: I mean I don't make my own clothing, and likely never will...but I like to have aspirations.] These are truly my people.

We went around the circle and talked about our blogs, which is something my non blogger friends are so incredibly sick of hearing about. There were wedding bloggers, DIY bloggers, fashion bloggers and vintage bloggers...and then there was me who writes a lot about my childhood, reality TV, Full House, bathroom etiquette and live music. Much harder to explain to a group of strangers. [Tangent: To know me is to love me, to not know me is to think I am a lunatic.] This new blogging group is one I am really excited about, so I decided the ladies I met last night deserved some pimping. Here are some links to add to your reading lists:

Hope you find one that tickles your fancy...


  1. Whoa! Nobody took pictures? That's crazy! Glad that y'all had fun though. I have a hard time describing my blog too. I usually just mumble "I write about stuff that"

    1. I know! WHat kind of bloggers are we!?!?! Definitely was sad I didn't get to meet you. Please withhold from anymore oral surgery for a while.

  2. thanks for going with me. it was so fun! i like being around people who don't think i'm crazy as well.
    and i think no one took pictures because the bar was appropriately dark and cozy, and that doesn't make for beautiful blog pictures. next time we need some beautiful daylight, hah!

  3. Sounds like a good time :) And yes, you're blog isn't the usual read. But that's okay. There's plenty of outfit postin, diying, succulent growin, hair tutorializing, thrift reporting and moccasin wearin foot shot picture takin to generously go around. Your insight on the "important matters" is invaluable. You alone will guarantee that Uncle Jesse will always be remembered. That is special.

  4. It was great to meet you the other night! I hope we can have another meet up soon. I agree with you about Stone Fox -- I loved it. Too bad I am never over in West Nashville either. At least we tried it once!


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