Friday, November 30, 2012

my early work

Today my sister is in town and we she was cleaning out the extra bedroom, which has become the catch all for everything we don't know what to do with. While getting things spiffy, she unearthed the nostalgia mother load. [Tangent: This treasure trove of spiral bound journals and newspaper clippings was even better than the creepy collection of relics from my childhood Catholic education featured in this blog.] Prepare yourself for an onslaught of blogs featuring what an ass I was in my elementary days.
look at that nerd with the Dorothy Hamill Haircut!

Because I write and spew my thoughts into the interweb a couple times a week, I thought you would appreciate the thought provoking exposes that I wrote in the late 80's/early '90s. Growing up, our teachers made us write in a journal daily on a variety of topics, like "where would you fly if you were a kite and could go anywhere?" [Tangent: I answered Florida...I clearly reached for the stars.] There were also a lot of entries about my cocker spaniel, my teddy bear and how much I loved Shoney's.

There were also times when I talked about my dreams and aspirations...which only proved my delusion...

 Yes. That's right. I apparently had a stretch in second grade where I aspired to be a sausage fingered model/actress/singer in an off the shoulder pink gown...holding dollar bills. Before you write me off as being a terrible youth, please note that I also was globally conscious. [Tangent: These pictures also prove that I have basically been liberal since childhood.]

this was one of roughly 20 journal entries I wrote about the Gulf War

my sister is still asking me what a "life of stunt" entails.

Perhaps the greatest thing we found in the piles and piles of ridiculousness was this project my brother wrote about East Germany. It wasn't so much the paper itself, which was basically just information about the former country of East Germany; the best part was the jazzy cover. It's what I like to call Hitler Glitz!

yes. that's a sparkly swastika.
to be continued...


  1. ummmm.....THANK YOU.. I just laughed until I cried.

  2. Oh wow, I'm going to LOVE these posts. I can just tell.

    1. You made Hitler look downright friendly. And glitter swastika - hello! fabulous!
    2. "Don't just sit around and pout, Help all the animals out" - totally my new rescue slogan.
    3. "Just what I do best" - love!

    It's interesting that we start out thinking that we can pretty much be and do anything that we want. Someone asks us what our future plans are and the sky is the limit. Or not even the sky as we also think that we can explore space if we want. The adulthood knocks the wind out of our Florida bound kites. Or I'm just projecting because I'm such a failure and never lived up to my childhood dreams of being a veterinarian pop singing star named Lori.

  3. The Hitler Glitz. And everything that Eartha just said. WIN.

  4. I nearly peed. Please send Dschonn a picture of your Germany project. He would die.


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