Tuesday, November 6, 2012

status update

 Sometimes, I lack inspiration. Luckily, when you are lacking a muse- you can just blatantly rip off some other blogger's ideas. Thanks Rae for lending me a concept. [Tangent: Back in the myspace heyday, I loved me a random survey so this was naturally right up my alley.]

That Bravo has rolled out their new seasons of Real Housewives of ATL and Bev Hills. Yes, I cannot deny the dumb girl that dwells somewhere within,  I love Real Housewives. Since my childhood obsession with 90210, I of course am smitten still with anything from that zip code, so RHOBH is clearly my favorite- maybe also because it ratchets up the conspicuous spending and unnecessary drama by 1000%. [Tangent: Is it weird that I try to avoid unnecessary drama at all cost in my real life, but revel in it when it occurs to rich people on my television set? ]  Here is my review of episode one that I texted to my neighbor/friend/fellow blogger/HS acquaintance Natalie last night (In case you care, which you probably don’t):  
“I’m unsure about Yolanda. I love that Lisa and Brandi are unlikely friends. I kinda miss Camille. I’m glad Taylor is gaining weight, but upset that she keeps talking about how big her butt is and how she needs forgiving stretchy pants. I also forgot the Richards are related to Kathy Hilton; so I am glad they reminded me. Kyle still needs her hair layered.
For Halloween, In order the bell and fake dynamite off of amazon and not pay for shipping, I decided to finally treat myself to Bossy Pants  by Tina Fey. This is a book that I have been aching to read since it came out, but for some reason haven’t. It is just as good as I had imagined and so funny. I have read a lot of biographies by comedians and some kinda are so ADD that they are hard to follow [ie. Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman]. I can’t decide if she inspire/empowers me or just makes me feel like a shitty writer by comparison. Still on the fence, but will be sad when its over.
Although, I covered this already in loving, I will say the only shows that I make a point to watch are Nashville, American Horror Story and The Voice. All 3, I am heavily invested in. When I watch something, I go all in. AHS: Asylum is really good, but so far I think I liked season one better. However, Jessica Lange plays unhinged so flawlessly, I would watch her do anything.
thinking about:
The assholes that stole 2 of my father’s campaign signs out of the yard and the person who walked clear across my neighbor’s yard to her front door to jack hers. It seems so unnecessary and dumb and something that just makes me irate. Who cares that much to be that invasive? Ugh. 

Also, I am a teench preoccupied with my car, which died on Friday, two days after I paid it off. Jury is still out on what is wrong with it.

listening to:

Basically I pretty much live on podcasts at work. They keep me from going from zero to crazy and keep my mind from numbing. I have basically listened to nearly every episode of How Did This Get Made?; Comedy Bang Bang;  Doug loves Movies;  Who Charted?;  and Rhonna and Beverly. I highly recommend any of these if you have an hour long car ride and need some laughter. Most of them (except Doug Loves Movies) are available if you download the Earwolf app. [Tangent: It's free!!]

working on:
Figuring out what to do for my 30th birthday. I want to do something fun and memorable, but am pretty indecisive and whenever I plan something, it always fails to live up to the grandeur I have built up in my mind. I have a couple weeks to throw something together.

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  1. RHOBH - amazeballs. Love the drama, the glitz, the glam and Giggy. BTW, ate at Villa Blanco earlier this year - dlish, but without Vanderpump sighting. And K. Hilton must be desperate for $ to 1. actually appear in an episode and 2. showcase her clothing line. Gross.


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