Tuesday, December 18, 2012

boot up

For the last 30 years, I have dwelled in Nashville and tried desperately to resist looks that might get me confused as a tourist on Broadway. [Tangent: If you ever see me wearing a denim frayed mini and a pink straw cowboy hat with an attached tiara, please take me aside and give me a strern tongue lashing. I will deserve it and you can only assume some sort of evil spirit has taken over my being.] As a native, its just something you don't do.
this shirt from palmercash.com is adorable!

For this reason...and many others, I have never owned a pair of real deal cowboy boots...not even during my middle school equestrian phase. [Tangent: Every girl goes through at least a year where they want a pony. This was never gonna fit into my family's budget, so instead I just wore Sam & Libby shoe boots and took riding classes for people with disabilities, where I would ride a horse that wore leg braces and was a few trots away from the glue factory. This was what I consider to be my equestrian phase. It ended promptly when I nearly got thrown off afformentioned crippled horse. That whole "you gotta back up on that horse" mentality is not one that I have. I would rather take up a new hobby instead where protective gear is not mandatory.]  It's always been something on my bucket list that I really wanted in my life, but that has somehow elluded me. Thriftiness is bred into me, so its very hard for me to rationalize spending over $100 on novel footwear. Even if I were to find 2 other boot seekers to go thirdsies on one of those "buy one pair, get two pairs free" sales that are everywhere you look downtown- I'd still feel heaps of semi-Catholic guilt about it.

chubby kimmie embracing jeggings before jeggings were jeggings.
The other day at the flea market, this cowboy boot virginity was taken from me as I spotted the perfect pair of boots in a preloved western gear booth. I was powerless against the forces that drew me to these boots. I pointed at them and said, "Those...I like those!" They just happened to be a size 6 and $20 and worn in to complete buttery perfection. [Tangent: Most people can walk and wear in their uncomfortable shoes and give them the proper breaking in they deserve. I cannot, a pristine new pair of pricey leather boots would be completely wasted on me. Someone else needs to do the legwork (pun shamelessly intended) for me. I'm needy like that.] My mind is suddenly all aflutter of where they will make their debut. Clearly, I lead a rich life...

It truly is the little things in life...like $20 cowboy boots! Merry Christmas to me!


  1. Kimmie, I just now found your blog (thanks to Liz Hume) and I love it. Gonna go back and read your other posts too. What fun! I like your style, girl...and your boots too

  2. Girl, my 4 year old has already been through 5 sets of boots since birth. You need to catch up ;)
    Just don't wear em with bootie shorts and parkas this winter like so many of these classy Texan ladies do.

  3. Yay for finging these awesome boots at a great price!

    What Lola Wants

  4. I agree. Boots: hott. Horses: terrifying.


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