Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas wrap up

Hope everyone had a fun few days...a Merry Christmas...or just a happy day off, for my Jewish and Buddhaist friends. Lately I have been swamped with family and festiveness so I haven't gotten to write about some of my favorite holiday things. Since I am sorta running out of time to devote en entire blog to each topic, I thought I would smush them all into one post. Here's a cute picture of Newman to distract you from my sloth.

Remember when I said previously that all Christmas songs were grating and reminded me of retail holiday hell? Well, I guess that PTSD is wearing off, because I have found some tunes tolerable. In fact, last wednesday, I willingly went to go listen to the album An East Nashville Christmas performed live at Music City Roots.

god i love the loveless barn.

it always ends with everyone playing on stage together for one final song.

these sweet girls were my favorite part.
 [Tangent: Music City Roots is one of my favorite things about Nashville. For $10, you can see several Americana/Bluegrass groups do short sets in an intimate setting (the Loveless Barn) on an otherwise bland weeknight. We always go eat at the Loveless prior, and if the show is not sold out, your loveless receipt will get you into the show for FREE! The promise of free entertainment makes the creamed corn, biscuits and catfish somehow more if they need help in that area.] If you haven't heard about this amazing creative project, the East Nashville Christmas album,  you can read about it here and learn how you can give back and help out those homeless that live in Nashville. Plus, my boo, David Mayfield is featured on the album,  so I love it all the more.


Because I wasn't even sure I was celebrating Christmas until about a week and a half ago, I kinda didn't have time to get in the spirit. [Tangent: When we lost dad earlier this month, I pretty much lost all sense of urgency to do anything at all, but all I needed was a good holly jolly kick to the ass.] There wasn't really time to get gifts, so I pretty much did a lot of etsy'ing and finger crossing that it would get here in time. My favorite gift was the one I got for Jamie. I got him a 60's pocketwatch with a retro space scene on the face.

he loves antiques and retro futuristic BOOM
The greatest thing about the etsy seller, martonmere, is that he sells primarily "erotic pocketwatches." [Tangent: Yep. That's a thing.]  I didn't really realize it till after I had ordered it and realized the sellers heading said EROTIC POCKETWATCHES. EROTIC POCKETWATCHES. EROTIC POCKETWATCHES....plain as day. I had to go back and look at the one I had purchased to make sure I had not overlooked a floating space vagina or rocket penis in my holiday haze. Whew...I had not. [Tangent: However, if you are in the market for a vintage pocketwatch featuring any number of lewd vignettes and automaton ticking penieses, now you know who will cater to your demo.]


This year, I made a point to finally stop lying to people and actually watching some Christmas classics. In addition to It's A Wonderful Life, I also finally watched Christmas Vacation. [Tangent: I hesitated even to type that second one, for fear that my pop culture crown would evaporate. Yes, It's a travesty, but I intervened and watched it. Isn't admitting there's a problem step one?] Also added to my holiday viewing itinerary was a childhood favorite, that I haven't seen in probably 25 years, Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas.

If you love Jim Henson and haven't seen/heard of this movie- please feel ashamed of yourself. It's probably his best work, but mostly because I am partial to fuzzy woodland creatures that play bluegrass. Thankfully, my honey owned this DVD before I even met him [Tangent: Kismet, no?] so we could watch it on his birthday this past weekend, complete with sing-a-long portion, behind the scenes footage and most amazing blooper reel.  [Tangent: Until you have seen muppet outtakes, you have not celebrated the holidays here's your gift belated.]


Happy holidays ya'll! Hope you all check out Emmett Otter and fall into the cuteness vortex!


  1. oh man i cant stop laughing at those watches! and i can't believe you hadn't seen christmas vacation! that is travis' favorite movie and we probably watch it 15 times a year. i hope you loved it!

  2. The Loveless remains the only place I would voluntarily order (and thoroughly enjoy) creamed corn. Theirs is delicious!


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