Sunday, December 23, 2012

for the record

I am not hip. At all. Its something I never claim to be. I think tribal/aztec prints are ugly and vegan food is gross. However I have a blog and wear glasses and am dating a boy from East Nashville so the downward slope to being a Nashville hipster is a slippery one. Last night I got shoved down a little farther when my honey gave me my Christmas gift early. [Tangent: Jamie's birthday is today! Happy birthday love! I am so glad your parents decided to spread the red headed genetics and have a bouncing baby boy in the late 70's, who looked a lot like the kid in Problem Child, but who has since blossomed into quite the dreamboat.] 

Although my gift for him is held somewhere in Etsy limbo as it is shipping from England, he went ahead and let me open mine. [Tangent: Daddy is totally photobombing in this picture.]

So...what's in the box? Hint: It's not Gwenyth's severed head. Give up? It was something that I know nothing about...but am eager to learn about...a record player.  Jamie has several different turntables and crates of albums, so it is about time I contribute something to this musical relationship [Tangent: I'm tone deaf, play no instruments but I do have a pretty good iTunes catalog. That's about it.]. The new record player is a Crosley portable and apparently a quality brand for a novice such as myself. It has an iPod port and headphone jack and can play 3 different sizes of vinyl...and the best part...
Making things in fun festive colors always makes them 30x more exciting to me. Besides, it looks like a little caboodle! How fun is that? It's not like I whipped out my DJ headphones and my stacks of vintage albums. I haven't used a record player firsthand since I was 7 and playing my Alvin & The Chipmunks Christmas album, so putting me in charge of this was a little like sending an untrained monkey up in a rocket ship. [Tangent: I didn't know where to put the needle or what to do when the album came to an end. It was embarassing.] However, I am a quick study, and luckily I have the greatest fella ever and he supplied me with lots of music to give a spin.
Loretta, Dolly, the Avetts, The Head and the Heart and some great 90's soundtrack action. A great starter pack!
The gift was so sweet so I immediately sent a picture of it out on twitter and revealed that the slippery slope to being a hipster was happening, despite my resistance and ignorance about records. [Tangent: I have always left that stuff up to Jamie, because I know I am a bit of a hoarder...and records have always seemed like something I theoretically could get carried away with.] Almost immediately, I got the following tweet in response from a friend:

Apparently @mayorbyrne is a part-time fortune teller because what did I see as soon as I entered Goodwill today to buy a gift card [Tangent: Yes, I bought a goodwill gift card. What of it?] :

No I didn't buy it...I withheld.  I guess for the record, I am not as hip as one would think. [Tangent: Maybe if it was half off day]. I can only hope that when the USPS gets their asses on the ball, and he gets his present that he loves it 1/100 as much as I love mine. In the meantime, I have some vintage Dolly to tend to.


  1. Somewhere, Christopher Cross is crying.

  2. That is one sweet record player! Great choices in vinyl :)

    What Lola Wants

  3. that's cool! we had some really great records/music, and then our only record player broke. it would be nice to listen to them again! have fun with this!


  4. Let's plan a McKay's trip soon, I will help you beef up your collection!


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