Saturday, December 1, 2012

my early work volume 2.

Tonight, while watching It's A Wonderful Life with my honey and my family, [Tangent: Truthfully, I am ashamed to admit I have never seen this holiday classic beginning to end until tonight. To be fair, though, I have witnessed countless homages to it courtesy of Family Matters and 90210. Donna Martin did have a Christmas guardian angel named Clarence after all! So by default, I was very familiar with the plotlines of the original.] I decided to finish going through my elementary school journals with my fella and finish what I started yesterday in this post.

The 90s-rific one on top is from third grade and features the doodle of a pig with Reba hair. Go figure.
 I really enjoyed going through them in chronological order so I could see how my writing evolved. My earliest work was just 90% rough sketches of puppies and hearts and my name written with the "K" backwards. Stuff along these lines...

that's not a penis sprouting from my head.

not a hand turkey...just a deformed hand.

To delve further into my childhood psyche and further question why I never went to therapy as a need look no further than my childhood aspirations. [Tangent: I know in my post yesterday, I showed that young Kimmie aspired to be a wealthy triple threat, but apparently I had other things up my sleeve. ]

thank god my family never indulged my dream.

totally valid stream of consciousness
this makes me glad I never became an educator...but seriously who doesn't love taco salads!??!
But I think my favorite of the batch [Tangent: Aside from my 20+ Gulf War posts where I droned endlessly about hostages and nuclear weapons and freedom, etc. (It's evident that I watched the news a lot as a kid but didn't really understand it.)] was this post about what I would do if my clothes caught on fire- mostly because it seemed like a weird prompt for an elementary schooler.

it mostly just looks like an amputee doing the worm at a foggy disco in a pool of blood...but its me doing stop drop and roll!


  1. Audible laughter on this end.... I thought about that glitter swastika off and on this weekend. Giggled a lil every time. You're lucky you kept all all your early "work". Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I, too have never watched It's a Wonderful Life but I can darn sure tell you everything about it.

  2. Did your clothes catch fire at a Disco . . .called The End?!


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