Sunday, December 16, 2012

my first blog swag.

For those that read my post yesterday, you will understand why I haven't felt Christmassy lately. In addition to losing daddy, I also have lost my job of 4 years, which was a blessing in disguise I will write about later.  I've spent the majority of the last couple unemployed weeks in stretchy pants and bedroom slippers and have only recently started braving the outside world [Tangent:...and even then, I usually do so in aforementioned slippers and spandex.] When a box of blessings comes to my door in a non descript brown cardboard box, naturally, I got very excited.

this was part of it and kinda sums up life lately

A week or so ago, the day before dad passed, I got an email from the lovely Laura Huey, a blog follower and the gal behind Boo Bobby...someone I have never met in real life, but know through this crazy blog world.
Hi, Kimmie :) This is Laura from Boo Bobby. I know this is super forward of me and maybe a lil unorthodox but I want to send out a few gifts to my favorite bloggers for Christmas. I don't have a "shop" and not lookin to promote anything. Just wanted to do Christmas with folks that can appreciate a good vintage find ;) My personal web of friends and family aren't any fun to hunt for and I'd be happy to actually give some good stuff to some good homes. I don't know if you're keen on givin me a mailing address or P.O. box for you, if not I understand fully. I'm sendin the same request to Rae over at Sayitaintso (literally copy and paste). Ya'll can talk about how weird and creepy I am together ;)

Much Love,
With all the crazy, I had almost forgotten that I had sent her my address and should be expecting my first ever batch of blog swag.  [Tangent: Apparently this is a thing that happens sometimes. Some of my big deal blogging friends are forever getting gifts from other bloggers, but to me this is a new thing....and one that excites me greatly. I am not to the point yet, where I am profitting in any capacity from my online ramblings. This is the closest I have come, so let me relish in it. ] I expected maybe a small box containing a random garage saled or thrifted ornament or maybe a box of anthrax, if she did indeed turn out to be mental :) ; I didn't expect such handpicked thoughtful gifts...and so many of them! [Tangent: And luckily the post was free of Agent Orange.]

Inside was a treasure trove of gifts that seemed quite personal for things coming from a virtual stranger...which solidifies my belief that I represent myself well on a this blog. 

So much stuff! It was seriously overwhelming! How does this person I don't know understand how deep my love is of winter headgear? Everything I opened and pulled from the box oozed with joy.

lisa frank interspecies love....clearly she read my blog about this last month.
some cute vintage jewelry finds.
yarn santa couple raising the roof. adorable.
There was also an old school Alf comic [Tangent: Which I am fairly certain will be nabbed by my ginger.] and some fun old books. Most impressive was the wheelchair barbie book she sent, entteled "Three Cheers for Becky" about wheelchair Becky's turn as the cheerleading coach. The writing is top notch and features captivating plot twists like this: 

velvet scrunchies and a Canadian Tuxedo



  1. That was SO cool of her and yeah, those are some sweet gifts! I'm glad that the package came when it did too. Sorry to hear about your job but if it's for the best, glad to hear that part.

  2. I'm beaming over here in Texas. I didn't think it was a good enough haul for you, honestly. But seeing it here on the web makes it all look so glamorous ;) And you know what, that man who paid the postage, well I wondered why such a blessing would happen. And I believe it was just for you to get that package, Kimmie. Your dad really is helpin you out, he sure is.

  3. hahaha, i can't stop laughing at the velvet scrunchies! and what a perfect box! i have one coming and I can't wait to see what's in it! i really love that gold brooch! is it a cow with a flippy tail? so so cute!

    1. I cannot wait to hear what comes in your box! I think its a little bull. I love it. I have been trying to collect some cute broaches to sass up my cardigans so this one is perfect.

  4. Excuse me?! There is another person on Earth besides me who knew about Becky?! I have to be friends with this girl. Not to mention I write/love presents.


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