Sunday, December 2, 2012

Porter Flea OMG

For the last couple weeks, I have traveled on a direct track from home to Vandy....from home to work...from work to Vandy...etc. I've felt a bit like I was in zombie mode and my car was on a direct track and they could not be jumped.  For this reason, I knew I needed some kind of normalcy, so I was kidnapped by my fella and taken to Porter Flea's Holiday Market. [Tangent: For those not from around here, or for those that don't know about it- Porter Flea is a bi-annual craft fair featuring mostly local artists...and there's alcohol.]

Having attended the fair before, I can confirm that it has exploded in popularity with each occurrence...culminating in something that can only referred to as a clusterfuck. [Tangent: There is absolutely no more fitting synonym for it!] In the hour and a half we were inside Marathon Music Works, I ran over no less than four individuals toes and knocked over a display of T-shirt scarves. Thankfully, we got there 10 minutes after the doors were opened, so we didn't have to wait in the 4 block line that seemed to have formed when we left.

unhappy hipsters are unhappy.
Despite the craziness, I don't regret it because I got to run into about 20 long lost friends from the MTSU Mass Comm program and buy some really amazing treasures. I also got to see some amazingly talented small business owning friends in their element like Jonathan of Steric Design and Kaelah of Honeybean Boutique. Also, there were food trucks and you know how helpless I am food dispensing RVs are involved. [Tangent: We had Pizza Buds, which was fast and yum, but I regret not trying the Triple 6 Tilapia from Wrapper's Delight! I love a pun.]

Last year, I wrote about things I had purchased, but this year I resisted the urge to buy any more prints that I have no room to hang and t-shirts to add to my overstuffed drawer; I only bought things as presents. To keep the element of surprise intact [and assuming the recipients are reading this blog...], I will instead post some really cool things that I saw and wanted tremendously but resisted.

Did I mention I have a slight obsession with prints? I always see so many that I want in my life, yet my walls already look akin to a TGI Fridays. Therefore, I just mentally note which ones I desire and imagine them in a hypothetical wall arrangement. Totally normal, right?

c/o Jude Landry

that top print by arcade death will be mine one day.

c/o Dang Worthy
I still want this for my desk. Rachel Gresham Designs, I will see you soon.

Anyway, one of my dream art installations will feature Nashville-centric prints. When I saw this one from Dang Worthy by Tim Cook, I fell in love. Despite not buying it,  I did tell the artist how obsessed I was with it...which seemed like a decent consolation prize. My heart also raced a bit when I spotted the Tennessee Iris print from Thimblepress.

c/o Dang Worthy
c/o Thimblepress
my favorite color combo and my favorite city. Thanks friendly arctic.

[Tangent: These would be quite fetching on my Wall de Tennessee alongside some of the pieces from DCXV and this print Jamie ended up buying from Jude Landry. FACT: He is powerless in the presence of anything with an old time moustache motif.]

he literally gasped when we spotted this.
Restraint was definitely the word of the day...and I really hate that word. It might as well have four letters. Despite having 2 overstuffed jewelry boxes, a hanging necklace rack and a dresser drawer full of glasses/sunglasses,  I am really trying to taper my proclivity to buy so many accessories. How on earth did I resist these things!??!??

yes that's a paul rudd cocktail ring that I spotted at Honeybean Boutique! So much restraint was needed.

Vintage frames from Wink Wink eyewear. They were so perfect.

All in all, I would say it was a win! [Tangent: Despite knocking over displays and moving at a snail's pace through the aisles, it was a nice reprieve and made me fall further butt crazy in love with my town.]  I know they want to keep it intimate and hip, but maybe they should consider moving it to the new convention center come the summertime version. Either way, I HIGHLY recommend either going when it opens or in the late afternoon so you will not fall victim to the Clusterfuck. Happy crafting trails.


  1. A Ron Swanson wood burning? A Paul Rudd circa 1998 cocktail ring?...Oh jeezy, I'm so jelly. Sounds like a wonderful outing, but ya know restraint is so overrated? ;)

  2. oh man i'm sorry i missed it! i have two of those tennessee prints, neither has been hung up yet, after MONTHS of being in my house. i'm the same way with prints. that is all i buy!

  3. We arrived at Porter Flea about 30 minutes after it opened and it was frickin' insane! I wish I had taken more photos of the rad craftiness. How in the heck did I miss the Paul Rudd rings at Honeybean? Or the Ron Swanson wood burning? Geez.

    I thought I was in line behind you at the pizza truck, but my shyness prevented me from saying hey. I will say hello next time!

    What Lola Wants

  4. i didn't make it out this time because I had to work but it looks like a blast, as always!

  5. I go to Church with R Gresham. I might be able to get you some sweet hookups.


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