Thursday, December 27, 2012

something cliche for you.

There are no original ideas. Everything is derivative. For every Avatar, there's a Fern Gully [Tangent: Or Dances with Wolves or Pochahontas.] For this reason, I am gonna do something unbelievably unoriginal for late December and talk New Year's resolutions. Even upping the ripoff ante because I am modeling my post after this one by The Angry Curl [Tangent:  I have yet to actually meet Jamie, aka The Angry Curl, but she is a friend of my Jamie and I feel like I know her because I watch her make various fancy pimento cheese concoctions everyday when I watch Ellen. (She's the Mrs. Grissom's Salads spokesperson, it's not like I spy on her in her home. Stop being weird!) Also, Have you noticed that I have added several new blogs to my blog roll list? Today I added in about 10 new ones...something for everyone. Fashion, movies, knitting etc. Seriously check them out because my friends and cyber stalkees are hella talented.]

 In her post, she laid out some decidedly more realistic goals for 2013. I thought this was a great idea. In the past, I have decidedly unsuccessful with being a NYRP,[New Year's Resolution person] so I am all for setting objectives that I can attain.

get a job.

I hope this falls under the umbrella as attainable, because I don't know how much longer I can sit in my PJs all day drinking coffee. Understandably, its only been a few days of inactivity, but I feel like I'm slowly morphing into a Ricki Lake demographic. For Christmas, my mother stocked me up on stretchy pants to fit this new lifestyle of sitting on my ass, [Tangent: In a more figurative sense....because we all know I sit on my ass 24/7 in a literal sense.] but I already miss all my cute business casual looks. Rest in peace, tie neck in piece.

stop cut down on using kardashian vocabulary.

Recently, I have found myself peppering my coversation with terms like "jelly" and "cray cray." Who has inhabited my body?  Despite the fact that I admire her smokey eye makeup for everyday grocery shopping, I am not Khloe Kardashian...I am 30 so need to stop using these terms. Not saying I am better than talking like a Teen Vogue article, because let's face it- I use the term Biffle and Selfie quite liberally, and I threw in "hella" in my opening paragraph. Obviously, selectiveness is key when trying to sound like a marketable adult. Also, I sound so square trying to say these things, that I am doing them a disservice. Here's to not sounding like an idiot in 2013. [Tangent: Ugh. This one will be hard.]
be  fiscally responsible.

I've never been one to worship at the temple of Dave Ramsey or anything, but I have always been a penny pincher and not one to spend ridiculously so this is doable, right? The hard part will be cutting down on existing bills and monthly expenditures. Although I paid off my car in 2012, I have a large stack of medical bills to tend to. I'm also pretty much a moron when it comes to my credit rating, so even though I think mine is decent- I feel like I could probably do better. 

take a trip or two.

This one is kind of a cheat because I have one to Chicago lined up in late January, but I really wanna be more adventurous and go places. I have friends that live in DC and my brother lives outside of LA, and at the present moment I have no excuse because vacation time is a non issue. [Tangent: But I think I am gonna embrace the MegaBus this I will make that a subgoal!]. Losing daddy and learning yesterday of another friend's death makes me feel like I need to stop putting these things off and gives me a much needed kick in the crotch. I need to Carpe the living snot out of the diem. 


  1. Good luck on your resolutions! I never make them because I am an epic procrastinator and giant failure in the getting-things-done department. Thanks for the link to Jamie's blog. I too watch her Mrs. Grissom's commercials and am THRILLED to find out that she has a sharp sense of humor and even swears. She seems so innocent on those commercials. : )

    1. I just forwarded this to her. I haven't met her in real life but I fully expect her to walk me through some chicken salad roll ups when I do.

    2. Jamie is awesome, and very funny in person. When she is not being Nashville's answer to Paula Deen, she works with my husband. So, I get to bother her at company Christmas parties and such. Eartha, you will totally dig her blog.

  2. This MegaBus keeps popping up. I believe it's in your destiny.
    And you really made my day by puttin me on the Roll.

    1. I agree ...and hello! Of course you made my blog roll!

  3. You down with NYRP?
    Yeah, you know me.

    (I felt like you were missing a Naughty By Nature reference. You're welcome.)


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