Tuesday, January 8, 2013

candid/not candid

Over the course of the day I have written about 3 unfinished blogs...I was feeling totally uninspired, but then I went to trivia and found my muse. [Tangent: My friend and fellow blogger, Rae from Say it Ain't So, and I usually end up in the corner being totally lame and talking about other blogs and about stuff we want to blog about. She is obsessed with Richard Simmons, so I told her I want to make a joint video blog (or vlog, if you will) of us trying to do Richard's Reach for Fitness, a sedentary workout video for  wheelchair peeps. Although she is a not disabled, I think I would let her be an honorary crip-for-a-day simply because she has such an enthusiasm for all things Simmons-centric.] While we played trivia, I decided to participate in one of my favorite photography activities, taking candid/not candids of people. [Tangent: A candid/not candid is a photo taken where you tell the person to be candid, but totally ramp it up a notch. Because I have ridiculous friends, they usually oblige and don't mind looking like assholes.] These are some shots we took at trivia this week and fancied up using the Diptic App, because the majority of us are pretentious iPhone snobs.  [Tangent: Jamie and I have taken to calling it the dickpic or dicktip app, because that's just more fun.]

most everyone had a props. Props are key to a candid/not candid.

everyone looks so awkward in this one. I love it.
This was not my first foray into candid/not candid territory...I have been doing it for years. I like to do it most at parties especially one where a lot of pictures are being taken because you can only take so many posed pictures of people drinking. [Tangent: If my year on high school yearbook staff has instilled anything in me....its a love of candid/not candid photography.]

this was a halloween party...and I told my sister to pretend like she was hearing a shocking story from my best friend.

again, kristen is pretending to be telling an amusing story

this is a staged candid of the two snooki's at the party getting into fisticuffs.
we are pointing at nothing.

Hope this keeps your photography spicy in 2013.


  1. Inspired. To new levels of dorkdom!
    What is this "Trivia" I hear mention of so often?
    It sounds wonderful....

    1. it is dorks sitting around a table drinking and eating and answering questions and getting mad when the questions don't fall into our specific areas of knowledge. hah! it has been going on weekly for years now, at least 6!

    2. Rae is pretty spot on with her description. We usually play at a bar near downtown, but last night we played at a mexican joint and it was not as hard. If there's no lost lyrics category next time...I'm staging a walkout :)

  2. It looks like you have some awesome friends! The pics are amazing :)

    What Lola Wants

  3. Jamie is a MASTER of C/NC shots. Wow!


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