Thursday, January 17, 2013

shut up, ben gibbard

Today I was driving out to The Loveless Cafe to play tourist with my friend Eva,  [Tangent: I say friend, but today was the first time I have really met her, because she is a Floridian. She is the best friend of my friend Alex, but we have been Facebook friends and had a myriad of email-sations over the last few years. It always slips my mind that I have never met her face to face. Isn't it weird that you can feel like you know someone and never meet them? I guess that's how people get Catfish'd, but whatever.]  when a song popped on teh radio, and once again became overwhelmed with rage towards Deathcab for Cutie.

Despite coming out almost seven years ago, it seems their song I Will Follow You into the Dark is haunting me like mad as of late. Ever since dad died, I really can't listen to it without being reduced into a snotty puddle of tears. Usually I can keep my shit together pretty well and I have never been one of those girls that cries for insane reasons, but something about that song just depresses the hell out of me. [Tangent: Ugh...feelings.] It always has...but now it's sadness on 'roids.

It's not even like it's coming up on my iPod shuffle, it is coming at me from all angles....on the radio while conversation... and even on an episode of SCRUBS. [Tangent: I don't sleep well ever....and especially lately that I have absolutely no set schedule. I usually end up watching Comedy Central late at night as a nice segue into peaceful dreams. However, I did not anticipate that the episode Tuesday would feature JD and Turk watching a man die as the dreaded I Will Follow You into the Dark was played in the backdrop. Seriously, universe?!?!? Stop the insanity. Needless to say this did not allow me to get to sleep before 3 AM.] These situations pretty much has made me hate Ben Gibbard with the passion of 1000 firey suns... and additionally make me angry that I need two hands while driving thus can't change the station without running my mom van off the road.

Thankfully Alabama Shakes came on Lightning 100 today immediately following Sobapalooza 2013, so I was was fully transformed from a sniveling little bitch into a soulful black woman. I think it was an upgrade.

Although I have  talked about sad bastard music before here, I think its worth revisiting. What songs make you wanna jump off a bridge? Maybe knowing I am not alone will ease my current discontent with Mr. Gibbard.

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  1. You're not the only one! This song has been following me around too. Maybe every 7 years, music pops back up? That this one doesn't make me cry, but if I hear For Martha by Smashing Pumpkins, I'm reduced to a snotty, sniveling mess. It just breaks my heart!


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