Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the facts of life 2012

The other day I saw Silver Linings Playbook for my mom's birthday. [Tangent: My mom's birthday is the day after Christmas so for the last probably 10 years we have celebrated by all going to the movies together. Apparently all of civilization has a similar notion and after the impending clusterfuck- we almost always regret this tradition. This year we opted to see a movie that had been out for a couple weeks, because I was not in the mood to deal with irate Les Miserables fans! Theater  crazies are the worst! This was truly the smartest decision I have made all of 2012.]  The movie was really fantastic. All of the characters were well formed and I didn't expect it to be as funny as it was. Anyway, my point being the titular storyline that you have to find a silver lining in everything to keep yourself positive. [Tangent: I call it finding diamonds in dog shit.]

Bradley Cooper's motto is one that I find extremely important so much so that at the end of each year, no matter how terrible, I have tried to assess all the happy positive things/happy memories that happened between January- December and write them down. Mark that as yet another thing me and Mr. Cooper have in common [Tangent: The other being People's Sexiest Man Alive 2011.]

2012 will always have a cloud over it because dad was sick for much of it and died near its closure,  I was let go from my job of 4 years, and I spent most of March andApril in terrible abdominal pain or in the hospital getting that bitch of a gallbladder removed...but mostly the loss of dad. However, my daddy was a very positive man, so I will try to live out his legacy and silvery outline these situations:
1. My dad is no longer miserably in pain.
2. I can find a job I love and not one that I just tolerate.
3. That gall bladder was a complete ass hole, and I am saving LOTS of money spent on Tums and Prilosec.

Also, so many cool things happened in 2012, and I hate to completely focus on the bad, because you can't have flowers without some rain. If there is one thing my knowledge of 80s TV themes has instilled in me, its "you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life." [Tangent: Ya'll just got Tootie'd!] So, let me fulfill my job as a blogger and offer you a brief retrospective on the year at a glance and give you links so you can walk down memory lane and up my traffic... or just ignore them altogether.

Music had a big part of putting positivity in 2012.  In addition to capping off the year with Old Crow Medicine Show at the Ryman [Tangent: Which I will write about soon!], I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing live shows:  Counting Crows, Dr. Dog (x2), Alabama Shakes in their sweet gig at The Five Spot, The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers, The David Mayfield Parade (x2),  Andrew Bird, Mumford & Sons (the vomit spectacular), Man...or Astroman?, Shovels and Rope (x2). I also got to go to Bristol Rhythm and Roots with my honey, which renewed my love of music festivals. 

My writing also definitely got ratcheted up to an 11, so much so that now I want to try to do it full time [Tangent: It doesn't matter to me if it's ad copy for Tampax or Wonder Years erotica...I am shameless at this point and just wanna write.]. I've been very lucky to get some freelance opportunities and make some connections to some other passionate Nashville lady bloggers, who are just as rad as you would expect from that kind of group.  

Hmm...what else ??? I finally fulfilled my obligation as a Tennessean and endured the pork fried magic of the Wilson County Fair; I went to a live taping of Doug Loves Movies at Zanie's and won the prize bag; I went on an amazing family vacation to the beaches of NC that put mittens on my soul; For Halloween, I dressed like an elderly mexican man from Breaking Bad; Democrats everywhere got to see Obama win the presidency again (and share that happiness with my daddy); I became obsessed with the summer Olympics; got to attend ARE Summer Camp again for a couple days and see my surrogate family;  successfully ran my first major fundraiser for aforementioned non-profit and helped them raise $1,000 just with my little auction; and maybe most crucially, finally learned what cheeseburger crotch meant.

Then there are the personal things that can not be completely explained with a photo collage [Tangent: Although I totally did anyway!]. In 2012, I got to hold my beautiful niece, Ellie, for the first time and learn that she will stop crying if you play for her Billy Joel or The Avett Brothers [Tangent: Pretty much just like her Auntie Kimmie.] It also marked a year that I have dated my sweet ginger and 2 years since I completely told death to go screw itself.  The passing of 365 days also proved to me what amazing friendships I have.  Its completely and utterly a biblical truth that when shit hits the fan, people prove themselves or they fall away. Thankfully I have more of the former than the latter. You all are amazing and I love you completely and think each of you deserve an individual serenade on why you are so amazing and I completely am undeserving of your unfaltering kindness.  However, I am a shitty singer so will keep it simple and just say: thanks for not being lame. 


  1. <3 You got major writing endurance, Ms. Jones, definitely a born writer. I love this wrap-up. I skipped most others because I knew like I know coffee makes me poo that it was all a bunch of "What I wore, what I made to sell, look how cute I am" in review. I think whoever reads your blog is here because they are DELIGHTED to get the complete of opposite of a thinly veiled Etsy shop promotion. As I write this and think about you, Neil Young is singin "keep on rockin in the free world" in my head.
    By the way, my mom referred to our lady parts as "tooties" when we were little so to hear Tootie referenced will always make me giggle. It was nice to be "tootied" this cold Texas mornin. :)

    1. Thanks. I feel like I may set up a shop envy or etsy shop soon. Will you lose all respect for me?

  2. please forward me your wonder years erotica. i hope you get lots of hits from that phrase. i am still jealous of all the pervy ones you get!
    and yes, this is a great year in review post! i wish i had made one this year, but it is really too late.

    1. now I really wanna make that a reality. "Paul Pfieffr walked into kevin's house wearing nothing but converse all stars and a smile"

  3. I count any year I get to spend comment-bombing your blog a good year, Ms Jones.


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