Saturday, January 5, 2013

you fancy, huh? Neiman Marcus for Target

I love Target. I practically live there and if I ever need to kill an afternoon...that's my destination. There's always a deliberate pattern in my shopping as I snake around the store starting with the dollar aisle and ending usually in the makeup aisle [Tangent: Unless I make a last ditch sojourn to the little girls department where I can sometimes squeeze my 30 year old body into a girls size 16. Don't judge.] Whenever they do an in store really throws off my chi; that is, unless they are adding a new product line and in that case I am all over it.

For this reason, I was super excited when I wandered through Target one day and stumbled upon the Neiman Marcus for Target line, which featured big name designers that I could never a lower price...that I still coudn't afford. [Tangent: Yep...that was the kicker. Sadly even when mass marketed at Target, I would still never pay for $50 for a yoga mat, even if it is Diane Von Furstenburg.  Also, what the hell would I need a yoga mat for?] It made me sad because some of the stuff was really pretty....but I knew I was clearly meant more for Xhileration brand, and less for Brian Atwood [Tangent: "He's like a really important designer."].  This was just the universe's way of putting me in my place...or so I thought until I got a text from my fellow bargain hunter and target enthusiast, Laura.

Immediately, I was stoked and then downtrodden because although this was great news...I am still gainfully unemployed and milking my severance for all that its worth until I find a job that I can at least tolerate or that tolerates me...whichever comes first. Was a fancy lace dress something I needed in my life? [Tangent: Especially when I have worn nothing but leggings and sweatpants for the last month.]

Then like angels from the heavens, my birthday gift cards beckoned to me from my wallet and I remembered I had $55 dollars in Target bucks! Now I could afford the frivolous impulse purchases that I desired aka a $29 Robert Rodriguez hot ass dress. In order to make the $50 cap and make free shipping- I also bought Jamie a super sassy old man sweater by Rag + Bone [Tangent: I love a man in a cardigan nearly as much as I love myself in a cardigan...and we know thats A LOT.] This meant for all these designer duds I spent the grand total of 70 cents.  This may be one of my proudest days as a savvy shopper. [Tangent: Although after I bought it I read the reviews, which I really should have read prior because allegedly the dress has a bunk zipper. Oh well. My mom's a sewer, so suck it Merona! I'm fancy now.]

Get it while it's here because don't you need a Marc Jacobs scarf or a Rodarte Christmas ornament in your life? We can all get matching $29 designer dresses and start a girl group. What do ya say?


  1. Yay for hot ass dresses! But I'm glad you mentioned this. Target's designer stuff is ridiculously priced. Do you think it's better quality than Merona or Xhilaration? I can't tell a huge difference.

    I love the Rag & Bone cardigan. Man Cardigans should be standard issue! All men should come equipped with a really great cardigan. No joke.

    1. I don't know. I buy a lot of stuff at target and am never disappointed on quality. Although, I have a couple behnaz sarapoor (not 100% on spelling) pieces from the go international collection that I've probably had and worn steadily for 6-7 years. I also love a man in a cardigan. Jamie has about 4 or 5 and I think they give a sexy mister Rogers vibe!

  2. I had to keep my head down when passing the designer dresses (still on discount the other day) so I could afford John's birthday presents, but after I recover from shipping those, you and I should go back. There was a SEA of clearance magicalness happening, and it seemed to go for miles.


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