Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a trunk full of pickles: more family feud madness

Sometimes this blog is super theapeutic for me. Just when you start to feel like something you do is completely lame, hordes of people validate you and it's as if a choir of angels is singing the 90's Michael Jackson classic "You are not Alone." [Tangent: My apologies for bringing back the dark memory of a semi nude MJ and Lisa Marie cavorting in an empty theater. If I have to picture it, you all do. ] Such is the case with my love of Family Feud. Not unlike Criminal Minds, it is one of those pervasive shows that is ALWAYS available for viewing.

Previously, I have written about my very controversial stance that Steve Harvey is the best host ever here in the infamous "dong sarong" post. [Tangent: Richard Dawson and Ray Combs clearly tie for second as they are classic, but Steve Harvey just brings the ridiculous.]  Perhaps my love hinges on the fact that all the producers/writers have the mentality of teenage boys. I realize those polled are responsible for what goes up on the board, but the wording they choose is commendable. 

Question: What comes in 6 and 12 inch sizes?

 Yes, a soul pole. I have never ever, in all my years of being an immature adult heard that phrase uttered by anyone. Bravo, Mr. Harvey and company....Bravo.

The ballyhoo doesn't end there. Clever phrases just seem to come with the territory at the feud. [Tangent: I wish I could remember the questions for these.]

Is it weird that I take pictures of my TV screen? Probably. I don't really care. Sometimes, I include loved ones. Here is my niece starting her love of game shows at a young age. See...it's genetic. 

Anyway- if I didn't keep my iPhone camera ready, I would have missed this badass Jeopardy Teen Tourney moment from a couple weeks ago.  I wanna be this Leonard kid when I grow up, afro and all.  

OK, now that my shameful hobby [Tangent: If you can even call it that.] is on the table- I will leave you with this amazing video my friend Kate posted on Facebook last week...and the "trunk full of pickles" thing will make sense. It will be the best 3 minutes of your day, promise. 


  1. I love him too :) I think we would be friends if we could only meet. The only issue I have with that show is you don't win as much money as I would like after taxes and then splitting it with your family. First world problems!

    1. Agreed. And if they win the car- do they all share?!?

  2. Not only is the wording, um, colorful; it's got to fit that small space!

  3. New catch phrase: "NAKED GRANDMA!"

    1. God! I hope it catches on. That part seriously made me pee a teench

  4. nekkid grandma!!!!!!

    oh man I LOVE that video!


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