Monday, February 4, 2013

etsy spotlight: knots & kneedles

Etsy is one of my biggest time sucks. I seriously have spent more hours then I care to share putting hearts next to items I one day plan on buying...if someone else doesn't snap them up first! For this reason, I am really happy when my friends start etsy businesses because it justifies my constant window shopping. Instead of being a time waster, I can just say I am being supportive. [Tangent: I swear I should be a lawyer.]

A couple months again, my fiercely crafty friend Allie approached me and told me she was interested in starting a blog and Etsy site, so of course I volunteered myself unsolicited to be her personal cheerleader. I love Allie, and her attention to detail and enthusiasm for arts and crafts is truly commendable, so of course, I couldn't wait to see what she had up her sleeve.  A couple week after our convo, Allie showed up at my house with this little guy, that she had named Alec Baldwin...and he was MINE TO KEEP!

Alec is so adorably creepy. I am in love

The whole thing was handknitted by my friend, which made it all the more special. She said it was her first completed stuffed piece and because it was made using a pre-existing pattern, she couldn't sell it. It also inspired her to branch out and start making her own originally designed handknitted, stuffed pieces, like Huck the Owl shown below:

look at that cute face!
 She began her Etsy labor of love in January, and I am super proud of her and believe in her vision. All of her plushie animals are all made with love by hand and super soft and cuddly. They make a cute accent for a kid (or 30 year old woman's) room! If you are interested in getting one or even have any advice for my friend who is new to the world of Etsy, contact her on her site, Knots and Kneedles.   [Tangent: Or you can like her page on Facebook or check out her blog.]

I am thinking of highlighting a different Etsy small business on a bi-monthly basis, so if you have one and are interested in hearing my take on it, contact me. I could seriously blather on about this stuff for hours.


  1. Omg, the owl, the owl!! I. Must. Have. It.

  2. I love her work! Off to check out her shop and blog :)

    What Lola Wants

    1. She is just starting out, but I think there is great potential there.


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