Saturday, February 23, 2013

fat kid reviews: lays potato chip contest flavors

[DISCLAIMER: I realize I am a petite gal, and not really spare me your hate mail. Thankfully my stomach capacity is much like that of someone after gastric bypass; I just can't eat that much at once. If I was physically able to ingest all that my eyes are hungry for, it would be FUPAs and cankles all over the place.]

For about a week, my fella and I have been on a vision quest. After being taunted by the likes of Eva Longoria from our TV screens telling of us these mysterious and splendid flavors like Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Chicken & Waffles- we knew they must get into our bellies, pronto. [Tangent: Limited edition flavors are one of my true vices. It's as if the lovely people at Lays were reading my dream journal by offering these three for just a couple months to find a permanent one to produce based on Facebook feedback. ] The problem was we haven't seen em out, so today we decided was the day. We would devote as much time as necessary to making these ours [Tangent: Hoppin' Saturday night! Am I right?]

After hitting up Publix, Kroger and Mapco, we checked Walgreen's on a whim. [Tangent: If we had on pleated khakis and numbered sweatshirts, I swear that we'd have looked like final round Supermarket Sweep contestants in the first 3 establishments. Milling around and splitting up down the store aisles looking for the item in question. However, I have a hunch we weren't the only ones. There seemed to be a lot of dissatisfied people eyeballing the other normal everyday Lay's flavors. ]  Considering it is a drugstore, their snack section is weak and I felt like all hope was lost... until I spotted a heaping barrel of those phantom potato goodies by the checkout!  I can't promise there wasn't a hint of squealing.

this is makeupless me getting STOKED in the Easter candy aisle.
 Because, I felt many people probably share my excitement and interest in snack foods, a blog/review was inevitable. So, on behalf of my inner fat kid, here are my findings. Let it be known that none of them were disappointments.

Taste Test #1- Sriracha
Many of my friends are obsessed with this condiment and put it on everything from eggs to chicken nuggets, however, I am not really one of those people. I like it, but have never gotten swept up in the hype. Guess I'm not one for overly spicy things.

I was worried that these chips would pack too much flavor, leaving that odd film on your tongue and that pesky chip dust everywhere [Tangent: I'm looking at you Xtreme Pringles and Flavor Blasted Goldfish.]. However, they were really yummy! At first they kinda taste like a sweet BBQ flavor, but then the spicy heat kicks in as you are about to swallow. It's a nice little surprise.

Taste Test #2- Cheesy Garlic Bread
Before today, this is probably the flavor I was most looking forward to considering it's inspiration is probably one of my top reasons for living. MMMmmmm....garlic bread.  I wouldn't say I was disappointed, because it was really yummy. I just think, mentally, that I had set the bar of expectations a little high.

The flavor itself reminded me of that white cheddar popcorn that you buy out of vending machines, and its definitely the most subtle of the three. [Tangent: Subtle is not a bad thing considering my favorite chip flavor is salt and pepper.] Because it is a lighter flavor, I could probably see myself eating this one the most,  but as far as originality goes- I am not so sure.  I wasn't wowed.

Taste Test #3- Chicken & Waffles
This is probably the one most people are strangely intrigued by. It's one of those, "That sounds weird, I have to try it!" scenarios. Ever since going to Roscoe's in LA a few years back, I can confirm that these two things belong together.  We saved them for last to build anticipation and we figured the sweet one should be our dessert chip.

When we opened the bag, my ginger said that it smelled like toasted marshmallows, which made me a little wary. That is not the first impression you want when snapping open a bag of chips. Even after consuming the first one- I wasn't convinced that I liked it. But they totally grew on me....chip by chip, I started to love them more. They wore me down and eventually, that was the one I probably ate the largest quantity of. The maple flavor is definitely dominant, and you can't really taste the chicken-ness. [Tangent: These are definitely more of a breakfast chip if you are one to occasioanlly brunch out of a vending I was sometimes prone to do at my former job.] The sweet and savory are pretty damned yummy together.


I really can't pick a favorite. This vote is definitely more stressful than the one I made back in November. They all have their strong points, so I guess I wouldn't be mad if any of them won [Tangent: I am kicking myself a little that I hadn't sent them a potential flavor so I could win a million dollars!]. How's that for being a diplomatic fat kid? Have any of you all tried them? What did you think?


  1. If I wasn't on a low sodium diet, I would be all over these! The Chicken and Waffles sounds especially interesting....

    What Lola Wants

    1. They are very maple-y. The bags are actually snack maybe you could share while they are available. I AM SUCH A BAD INFLUENCE!

  2. I'll admit that I've been curious to try these, but reading Fast Food Nation has really terrified me of artificial flavors (not that they're ~dangerous~, just that there's something unnatural and creepy about them. It weirds me out, I dunno!). That being said, I feel like it's my duty to inform you that there are Hot Dog flavored potato chips in Macedonia. My best friend sent me a bag while she was living there and I just... I can't. They really did taste exactly like hot dogs. It was sooo unsettling haha.

    1. I read that too...but to little effect..I mean I thought it was interesting and all and eye-opening...but hell, I love potato chips!!

  3. One of my guilty pleasures when I was in Ireland last year was enjoying the "exotic" flavored crisps. While cheese & onion reign supreme, I also delighted in thai sweet chilli, mature cheddar & onion, and Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar. Definitely not a snack I indulge in stateside, but it's always fun seeing what's hot on the Euro market.

    1. I know! They seem so exotic. I love it. Luckily the euro flavors are tamer than the asian varieties. I saw online where they have shrimp flavored pringles in Japan. Despite seemingly disgusting...I am oddly intrigued.


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