Monday, February 18, 2013

hypothetical hobbies

Do you ever stumble across something while out shopping or internet browsing and fall in love...only to realize it is ridiculous and in no way practical for your lifestyle or interests? This happens to me on probably a daily basis.  Being practical has proven to be absolutely no fun.

Usually it is something that is completely unnecessary and tremendous in scale. Like today I was surfing Etsy, and I stumbled upon these modern vintage poker chairs from West Alfred Street. 

OK, I realize it is not a prerequisite to be named one of the most fascinating people in poker to have these around a dining table, but I don't have space or need for these in my life. When I saw these, I immediately envisioned myself wearing a load of cranial accessories to hide my my lack of poker face and hosting super fun game nights in my non-existant quaint yet stylish bungalow. This is why I should steer clear of Etsy...because pretty soon I am accessorizing these chairs I don't plan on buying with things like these to coordinate this (which can be found here and here):

Suddenly I have a new hypothetical hobby to fill my days. [Tangent: Am I the only one humming "Poker Face" right now? Doubt it. ] This happens literally all the time. I contemplate adorable workout gear only to realize I don't workout or see a video game that looks fun and then realize I don't game or own a gaming system. My dreams are dashed.

My boyfriend's dad has several vintage bicycles. They are gorgeous and in excellent condition and one of them looks like Pee-Wee Herman's.

see how cute!!!
 Can I ride a bicycle ? NO, not since big wheel, but I still covet them momentarily each time I see one. I guess there is nothing wrong with simply accepting and appreciating their beauty from afar. [Tangent: Unless, I wanted to turn them into a dining table like the apartment on My Two Dads. Am I the only person that thought that residence was totally cutting edge as a youth?] Then the other day, via some random post on Facebook, I learned that maybe my kick ass bike dream could be realized, as evidenced by these two geriatrics in safety helmets!

How perfect is this? So I am throwing this out into the blog-o-verse: someone please find me one of these! If you build it, I will come! Well, I better go...gotta start cruising the net for a stylin' bike helmet for this new hypothetical past time.

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  1. You are not alone in this "hobby", and I'm just glad to find out I'm not alone, either. I'm clueless when it comes to any card games other War or Go Fish, but I'll gladly come sit in your stylish chairs while we bluff our way through a game or two. P.S. I prefer Lil Wayne's rendition of Poker Face.


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