Friday, February 15, 2013

new specs review: glassesUSA

Big announcement, I have a new addition to my ever-expanding eyewear family. As I have written about before here in this post, I am a huge proponent of ordering prescription eyeglasses online, so when a rep from contacted me last month asking me to do a review*, I was pretty excited at the prospect of free spectacles! [Tangent: Let's face it, comparatively speaking, this blog is a fairly rinky dink operation, so I will totally pimp myself out for anything any retailer wants to throw my way. Ahem...hint....hint. This was one of the first times someone has actually solicited my review, because usually I just give it without provocation. AND GLASSES! I mean, they are my soft spot.]

Immediately, even before acquiring the discount code, I was browsing the website searching for my dream pair.  There was a wide variety of frame types and browsing them was pretty simple. If brand names mean anything to you (which they don't really to me), then rest assured you can find your Ray Bans, Coach and Kenneth Cole stunners on this site and use their virtual optician to find a good fit for your lifestyle/personality.[Tangent: And truly I am a sucker for a virtual try-on feature.]

Because I have found the slight cat-eye to be flattering to my fat face and because plastic frames are more practical for my destructive-to-my-personal-belongings personality type, I found some early favorites [Tangent: Because I always look semi-homeless when I am at home blogging/net surfing, I didn't wanna take a live pic because I knew I would look strug. Instead I just opted to upload a forward facing one off Facebook. Apparently that pose is hard to come by, hence the hat.]:

Just for funzies I tried on some just because they were free and I was trying to adopt that "why the hell not" mentality. All of them were really flattering, at least in my humble opinion, but to be honest, I was trying to buy glasses within my coupon's price point because I didn't wanna pay overages for something that I hadn't previously budgeted for.  Out of frugality, I defaulted to that sexy Sally Jesse Raphael pair in the center [Tangent: Probably the only time you will see the term "sexy Sally Jesse Raphael"] called the Hilarie. All of the reviews for this pair were nearly 5 star and they seemed like a daintier yet still funky option.
"love the color combination and the updated sexy librarian look."

"We purchased these glasses for our 11 year old. She loves the style and fit. The red frame compliments most of her outfits and skin tone. Very important for a middle school age girl. They are lightweight and they have a "barely there" feel on the face. "
These reviews left me knowing I would look either like a tween or a sexy librarian bombshell. It could go either way, which was a little unnerving, but c'est la vie [Tangent: Clearly I would rather look like the latter, but I'm very very self-aware. I look 12.]..I took my chances because I thought the red color was very fun.

Because this is not my first time at the proverbial glasses rodeo, I have dealt with many company's customer service, but never one as thorough as GlassesUSA, almost to a fault. There was a lot of back and forth via phone and email because the service reps wanted to assure that my pupilary distance was correct because it was not on my RX [Tangent: It was. I order so much that I own several PD rulers. I am a dork.] and that my eyes were indeed both the exact same prescription, because apparently that is  uncommon. I realize that they were just being super thorough to ensure my satisfaction with my purchase, but it did seem to slow down the process a lot of getting me the product and it was something I had never encountered with other vendors. However, throughout the process, everyone I dealt with was courteous and extremely nice and I could tell that they were all trying to get everything picture perfect.

To make up for all this delay, my delivery was supercharged, because I feel like only 2 or 3 days transpired between them telling me that were crafting my lenses to my eyeglasses arriving at my doorstep this morning. This was awesome, because as Tom Petty says, "the waiting is the hardest part." I'm sure he wasn't talking about mail order specs, but oh well...I still thank the lord for fast shipment. WOO-HOO!
for some reason my lenses, no matter what, look to be coated in crisco so this cloth will get used.
The style and fit reviews were spot on and I actually liked them better than I did on my virtual self. They are incredibly featherlight! They are a little petite, which I knew upon ordering, but still caught me off guard perhaps because many of my other frames are so "HEY LOOK AT ME!" Plus they came with a little glasses cloth which is super handy because mine are indefinitely splotchy.

I had to put makeup on to take this picture this AM, but that doesn't mean my brushed my hair.
 Having worn them all morning around the house, I can say I am pleased with them. They leave no marks, don't give me migraines and don't slide down my nose. My only real issue is that they do not have the glare free coating which make them photograph better and are good for those long days on the laptop.[Tangent: Some other competitors include it in their basic lens package, but since this one didn't...I didn't want to pay for the upgrade, so I will deal.]  Now, I just can't wait to wear them out someplace and finally find out are they more sassy secretary or Jonas Brother fanatic. Only time will tell. What do you think, guys?

If you are interested in checking out GlassesUSA for yourself, be aware of the following sales and promotions that they are running right now, and know that if you use the promo code: Blog10, you can get 10% off any order for just reading this blog. They also have a generous refer-a-friend program . It could be a good deal if you are an eyewear hoarder such as myself.

Feel free to use me as a referral by clicking on the link below:

30% off plus free shipping!

*All reviews are done by me and contain solely my opinions. Take em or leave em.


  1. They look great on you! I actually just ordered my first pair of internet glasses - but I got Warby Parkers, and I had to pay for them hahaha. I'M SO EXCITED THOUGH, THEY ARE RED. Can we be eyeglasses twinss?

    1. YES ABSOLUTELY! You share share in the Sally Jesse Sexiness! They are growing on me and I am starting to appreciate their petiteness! I am slowly but surely trying to try every online eyewear distributor. So far I have tried 4...I have at least one more to go. I am gonna try Firmoo next. Jen did a post for them a while back. Warby Parker defineitly popped my online spec cherry a couple years back. They were gentle.

  2. Awesome frames! I like the petite frame look. Now that I'm wearing my fakeout frames on a daily basis, I want to add to my eyewear wardrobe.

    Question: With colored frames, do you match the frames to your outfit? Or mix it up?

    1. I did when I wore them out Saturday but that's usually not a requirement. I more match them to the feel I'm going for (while trying not to clash). I have my business serious funky frames etc. I just go by how I want to feel that day. However red is not gonna always go with I more or less just rotate pairs till I get tired of them.

  3. I love the "SJRs" on you! I'm afraid that style would be too petite for my large noggin, but I am curious to check out their other styles.

    What Lola Wants

    1. My head is short but also wide, so I was slightly worried about that too...but they seem to be working out ok. My only obstacle has been that I am not used to seeing frame in my peripheral vision...but I am adjusting. I can't wait to see if you pick up a new pair because we clearly share amazing taste in cateye frames. :)

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