Monday, February 4, 2013

pinteresting day

I'm making it a New Years resolution/Lenten promise etc to create. Instead of depriving myself or getting rid of something in 2013- I've opted to add something back in- art. [Tangent: doing artsy stuff and craft projects was my MO growing up. This was until I decided to minor in art/design and burned that passion to the ground. Just when my visions actually started to come to fruition and the people and things I drew looked intentional and not like potatoes with faces, I pretty much exhausted myself and threw in the paintbrush.] Being artistic is something I am SEVERELY out of habit at, so I have decided to baby step my way back into it by doing something small creatively everyday. The hardest part is getting started so to warm myself up, I turned to my Pinterest board for crafty things. [Tangent: Am I the only one who has a love/hate relationship with pinterest? It is the treasure trove of ideas for aspirational living, which is good and bad. I feel like now every chevron tinged party/wedding I go to is like a scavenger hunt for pinterest ideas. Rainbow cake. Hostess's smokey eyes. Mason Jar chalkboard centerpieces. At this point, I can pinpoint a pinterest project from a mile away...which is likely just a direct reflection of the abundance of time I spend on the internet.]

My goal is to produce a watercolor sketch or some kind of painting by the end of February, but for now I will just cross some mini projects off my pinterest to-do list. Yes, this is one of those blog posts where I rub in your face how productive I was in one day with asinine projects. [Tangent: It rarely happens because I am a worthless pile of goo 99% of the time,  so let me have my bragging moment, dammit!]

For about a year, I have been harboring one of those papier mache letters that I got for a couple dollars at Joann's, knowing I would probably never get around to prettifying it. In the interim, it has pretty much been taunting me from a shelf as it sat there looking cardboard and boring.

 For months I have been hoarding really cute black and white and adorable-all-over wrapping paper once from the Target $1 aisle, trying to find the perfect one to cover it with. [Tangent: Almost exclusively, my wrapping paper comes from this haven of super cheap cute designs. I can't easily handle large rolls of wrapping, so I love that they are half sized....and don't really care that the weight of the paper is super flimsy. It all ends up in the trash, anyway.] Luckily, Friday, I found the perfect one so I could let the mod podging begin. See! Isn't the design super pretty? It was really relaxing and super fun (kinda like wrapping a present...which I love) and I can't wait to do it again. [Fair warning, everyone I know who is pregnant and/or having a baby and/or trying to conceive will be getting one of these.]

 1. I don't use a ruler, I just laid the K down on the paper and traced the sides first...adding rougly an inch on all sides before cutting it out.
2. Using Mod Podge, (I prefer the matte finish because I am not glitzy) on a brush, paint the side with the podge and smooth on your cheap wrapping paper on each side trying to match up the pattern as best you can. [Tangent: Because the paper is thin and actually decoupages really cleanly!] 
3. Wrap the paper around the edges so that it overlaps the face of your letter making sure that they are stuck down good and you are bubble-free.
4. Once you have all the weird sides covered,  now comes the easy part! Once all dry, lay the letter down on your roll of paper and trace the basic K shape.
5. Cut it out leaving no excess
6. Mod Podge that sucker on. 
7. After you have repeated for the back of the letter, slather the whole shebang in mod podge and let dry.  [Tangent: It will look super cruddy until it dries.]

After getting my hands coated in mod podge, I ruined my crackle nails, so I opted for an ever popular pinterest nail art that I have tried before but definitely failed at. You all know how therapeutic I find a good manicure, so I opted to give "newsprint nails" another go.  Here are my tips, in case you care- which you probably will not.

 1. Cut up small strips of newspaper slightly larger than the size of your nails. [Tangent: I chose an article about Prince Harry in the military, in case you care.]
2. Start with a flat pastel or light shade and do 2 coats as normal.
4. Dip your fingers in rubbing alcohol for several seconds [Tangent: I used the lid of my nail polish remover as a receptacle. It is perfectly finger-sized.] then lay the news print strip flatly into the alcohol bath.
5. Press evenly the newsprint against your newly painted nail and hold for several seconds (10-15).
6. Peel off and let it SET!
7. Once dry, paint over it with a clear top coat. [Tangent: My current obsession is the matte stuff by Essie. It makes me feel fancy.]

*They still look a little fuzzy and I think I should have followed my own instructions and waited for the alcohol to dry. Oh well. Please remember that I am rediscovering my crafty heritage, so there are bound to be some blunders along the way.

So did you like my cliche attempt at a craft post? 


  1. Both of your projects turned out great! Thinking about wrapping that "K" makes me a little green around the gills. Just wrapping a square present can go either way with me. And that "K"? Well, it's got crazy pointy sides! You aced it. And I like how you turned the downside of one Pinterest craft (ruining your nails) into an opportunity to do ANOTHER Pinterest craft. But wait, it was a Pinterest manicure that you ruined with the wrapping of the "K" so.....TRIPLE Pinterest points!

    1. Maybe I am the only weirdo that LOVES wrapping presents! Therefore this craft was perfect for me. However, the idea of wrapping something like an A totally terrifies me.

  2. I lurve this post!! Please do more and share your tips with those of us who are still in the stage of wanting to get crafty but not finding the time for it just yet.

    1. Thanks, lovely! We will see. I am excited about being artsy. We will see if this sticks.

  3. Yay for the horrid pinterest. And your post has TWO, which both turned out great! I just completed a monogrammed letter project. It may be a few weeks before I post about it, I am giving one as a gift.

    1. They are so fun. I bought another letter the other day to give as a gift. I need to find some good baby theme paper to decorate it with.

  4. I completely support and encourage this endeavor. This is the year to emerge from your turtle craft shell, Kimmie! And your mod podge is strangely smooth for a reemerging crafter. It takes a certain somethin to modge podge without a single crease ;) Looking forward to more :)

  5. Oh forgot, those kids in the top picture. Can you guess which ones would be mine? ;) Snickered out loud on that one.

  6. Ahahahaha... You have Prince Harry's military interview on your fingernails! I LOVE IT. Not-so-secretly, I'm a hardcore Royal watcher. :D

    And YES, I like your craft post. That letter looks awesome.
    Show us how you style and display it next?

    1. I love a ginger with a weird sense of humor (Nazi uniform, anyone?) Harry is clearly my boy!

      Last week I ordered a bookshelf headboard and that is the predestined spot for my "K". I am always nervous about putting up design post bc I am super messy and my space is never camera-ready. Perhaps that will inspire me to clean.


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