Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the app happy chronicles; vol 4: zombie vs zombie (vs zombie)

Did you people just win the lottery? How is it possible that you are getting two installments of the app happy chronicles in a one month span. That's fairly bonkers and/or just uncreative on my part. Obviously my ample unemployed free time is allowing me more freedom to run amuck in the iTunes app store [Tangent: Free of course...I am a lady of standards]. 

Lately, most of my brain cells and screen time have been thoroughly immersed in the game app Candy Crush. [Tangent: It's stupid addictive and there should likely be a 12-step to keep you from losing loved ones as a result of your co-dependence on this game. Remember when you were younger and got your first Game Boy and the only game it came with was Tetris so you spent all your time on it (before bed....in the car...on the toilet etc). I know I would dream about possible moves and get so stressed out when I was stuck on a level for a number of days. Such is this game.] However, I have blocked aside time to do other crucial things like morph myself into the undead.

Luckily, the app market is flooded with free zombification apps so you can really go to town! Below are my assessments of the ones I gave test drives to...I ranked them in order of how creepy they made me look.

My favorite is the official Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app. It proved that if the appocaypse comes and we are all transformed into walking/rolling corpses, I will still look adorable...even whilst chomping on raw meat. 
those eyes!
 My mom's first impression upon seeing the above picture was, "Kimmie, zombies don't wear glasses." Well, in my world they DO!

If you download this app, don't be satisfied with the zombie they give you automatically. Instead, "X" out all the different features and filters, and start from scratch so you can really go to town with customization. 

After showing this app to my friend Ryan, he told me he preferred  Zombie Booth for all his living dead needs. [Tangent: Since I was obsessed with Fat Booth for a hot minute in 2011, I thought I would give it a shot.] I hastily downloaded the 3D Zombie Booth from the app store, but wasn't as thrilled with the outcome...even though it did move gif-style kinda like something on the wall at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion- I looked more ghoul than zombie.  [Tangent: I wish I could properly show how it moved, because it recognized the glasses as part of my eyes and the spectacles blinked...it was hilarious. Perhaps mom was right and zombies shouldn't wear glasses.]

I know it looks like I have a kickin underbite and a bit of a wolf brow- but overall, I would say it is a decent zombification attempt.

Last and certainly least was the janky Zombie Face app...which seemed to employ the same cutting edge digitization used in the movie Birdemic. Seriously, there were no filters so it was as if I was just sticking virtual scar stickers on my face. [Tangent: That reminds me...did anyone else play the Girl Talk game as children? Although I don't remember specifics...there were definitely zit stickers involved that periodically you would stick on your face during gameplay. I thought it was really lame even when I was 12...and when I was 12 I collected Barbie dolls and Looney Toons tshirts.]

Also the eye options, after using the other apps was terrible and made me look like a very low-budget Terminator. HAWT!

Well, now that your afternoon time suck is laid out in front of you like tomorrow morning's wardrobe, let's take a trip back to 2012 and this post when I learned that my name was being used to sell zombified Barbies on Etsy.

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