Monday, March 18, 2013

a little bit of this and that (and some vintage PSAs)

Ugh. I am really not a fan of change and just when I get the hang of things- something changes. [Tangent: Like remember the whole blogger/blogspot debacle? Did it change? Are they different things now? I am incredibly out of the loop.] Well apparently they are doing away with google reader and bloggers everywhere are in a tizzy. Breathe, folks. We will get through this.

There are a couple solutions- you can like me on ye olde book of Faces or via twitter This way you can be on alert when I post something. If you are a slave to the "reader" format, which does make things easier if you are a blog hoarder like me, you can import all your blogs into bloglovin. You can add my blog, by clicking the bloglovin link up top or here:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ok, now that that boring public service announcement is outta the way- I have exciting news. Today,  my dinky blog is being showcased on the Behind the Blog feature that runs regular on About What I Said.  [Tangent: You can read it here.] People actually read this blog so I am super excited because Melissa is a pretty big deal who has been featured in Glamour and has several reoccuring columns in important periodicals. Plus she gets a shit ton of traffic which is fun!

 This is likely the closest I will ever get to having a Behind the Music, so I am soaking it up like a dry sponge. [Tangent: Dang. I miss Behind the Music. Did they just run out of tragic musicians to profile or did they just fall into the MobWives/Flava of Love/I Love New York vortex and were unable to return to normalcy? Were you ever truly disappointed that the stories got less and less interesting as the series wore on? You can only have one Poison and one Leif Garrett, I guess. ]

Now for some actual public service announcements. Maybe you will learn something. Hope you fellow Nashvillians are surviving the downpour! Now go learn about how to say hugs not drugs.

...and who can forget this classic. 


  1. So i am really liking so far anyway. Plus they say that it will be a seemless transition from Google Reader. We will see...


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